5 Home Décor Blogs You Need To See

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Home décor is the short form of home decoration. It is the art of making your home look more attractive than before.

It includes changing or replacing physical items like furniture, accessories, and art. Others include window curtains, wall coverings, floor carpets, ceilings, and room colors. The most common home décor is the interior décor.

Home décor is essential because it can give you confidence and a good mood. It’s easy to change your home décor by finding ideas of styling or changing the items you want and changing them one by one.

You can do anything you want to your home as long as you are comfortable with it and achieve your goal.

You can get your home décor ideas from magazines or a home décor stylist. Some ways you can go about developing your interior décor are to choose;

The theme you want for your house is always good to start with an idea related to the topic or theme.

Color of the item you want. You might think of choosing a color scheme instead of choosing a topic.

Choose a particular art deco style instead of focusing on color or theme. This could be your best idea for your décor if you love art.

There are tips that you need to follow when decorating a house. They include;

  • Setting the Tone at the Door

The first impression of a house is made from the front door. Whatever is outside speaks so much about what is inside. It would be best to paint your door with a welcoming or attractive color.

  • The Colors of the Wall Should be Light and Neutral

Too much bright color, especially on the wall, might affect your eyes. Neutral painted walls give decorating flexibility.

  • Arrangement of the Furniture

You should arrange the house furniture in a way that invites a conversation. It’s not advisable to push all the furniture against the wall. Arranging furniture away from the walls makes the room look bigger.

Mirrors make a room feel brighter. This is because they bounce light at every corner of the room. These mirrors should be kept directly opposite a window to attract enough light and brighten up the room.

  • Having the Correct Lighting of the House

Each room in your house should have three types of lighting. Ambient for lighting and illuminating the house, task light, often found in the kitchen and accent, which is more of decorating the house.

The home décor blog you need to see are as follows;

  • The Centsational Style
  • Addicted to decorating
  • The painted hive
  • Style by Emily Henderson
  • The inspired room

The Centsational Style

The owner of this blog is called Kate Riley. She writes about blogs of affordable style to your décor. She also writes about coming up with smart home improvement and best interior designs and how to develop creative DIY projects for your decors.

She was a lawyer but quit to blog about design and interior decorating. Therefore, every décor featured in the sensational style looks like a lawyer-turned-design. She shares tips she learns whenever she tries a new project.

Addicted to decorating

This blog was created by a budget-oriented decorating blogger called Kristi Lindauer. This blog was created to focus on DIY projects that people with or without skills can accomplish independently.

She also focuses on changing rooms’ appearances, and her blogs show the before and after images of the rooms, she has worked on.

Her blogs also touch on the paint colors that she uses on transformed or made items and the sources of the products she makes.

She also has a blog called The Archives by Room which shows all the work she did to each room from start to finish.

The Painted Hive

This blog has a tagline that reads, “Making a house a home for honey” The blog owner is Kristine Franklin. This blog gives details of cheap and affordable home makeovers.

The blog owner gives tips on decorating tricks and shares her inspiration when refurbishing her own house.

Her blogs are budget-friendly DIY focusing on home improvement. It also shows people affordable decorating methods on the floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, and doing artwork.

Style by Emily Henderson

As the blog’s name suggests, the blog owner is called Emily Henderson.
Her decorating focuses on all budget, comfort, and functionality.

She believes that every room should reflect the owner’s personality and what they like, no matter the budget.

The Inspired Room

It focuses on providing simple ideas for decorating and organizing your home. This blog gives decorating advice and DIY projects, and home tours.

For example, she shares ideas on a bedroom design like getting affordable, accessible, and stylish items for your bedroom makeover.


  • The centsational blog focuses on doing an affordable style to your décor.
  • Addicted to decorating blog, focuses on DIY projects that people with or without skills can manage.
  • The painted hive gives details of affordable home makeovers.
  • Style by Emily Henderson’s blog focuses on all budget decors.
  • Lastly, The inspired room provides ideas for decorating and organizing your room.