Are Peel and Stick Countertops any Good? (Pros, Cons, Warnings)

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Yes, peel and stick countertops are good because they are very easy to install and what’s more is that they come in a variety of types, styles, and colors.

You’ll find some styles including granite, faux marble, gold, concrete, and soapstone.

From my experience I will tell you all the pros and cons of using these peel and stick countertops.

What are the Pros of Peel and Stick Countertops?

• Unique design-peel and stick countertops are available in dozens of different colours and designs. They are very beautiful and look attractive thanks to their unique designs.

These countertops are made of a wide range of materials and you get to choose from that. They come in granite, gold, concrete, faux marble and soapstone.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that the pricing starts as low as $8 depending on the design you pick. Note that no matter the material you pick, you’ll have gotten a high-quality product that will serve you for a long time.

• Durability-peel and stick countertops are popular because of their durability. Since the materials used are more natural and comprise of unique composition, they can withstand a long time.

The countertops can withstand different conditions and you won’t notice any discolouration. That’s why you can even use peel and stick countertops outdoors without worrying about the sun.

Heat, moisture and scratch resistant-peel and stick countertops are made of material that is resistant to scratches and heat. Chopping knives and other materials can easily scratch countertops but the good news is that if you buy peel and stick ones you won’t have to deal with scratches or burnt parts.
For some you can even place hot pots directly.

Easy to install-when it comes to the application process, it’s very easy but you’ll need to have some patience. I recommend you order extra material just in case you mess up during the installation process.

Once you have installed the peel and stick countertop you should push out any air bubbles to ensure that it adheres fully.

Easy to clean-each countertop product comes with maintenance instructions which vary depending on the specific material you get. Most countertops will withstand normal cleaning with soap and water.

So, as long as you’re using the standard cleaning materials you should be good to go. In case any parts start peeling off over time, you can patch them with a new piece of the same material.

Easier to coordinate with any interior design-if you choose peel and stick backsplash it’s easier for it to match your cabinets and appliances.

Thanks to the different materials and designs this product will ensure your space looks consistent.

• Not prone to discolouration-if you invest in peel and stick countertops, then you won’t risk discolouration. The materials can last long and as long you take care of the countertops, they will serve you for years.

Cons of Peel and Stick Countertops

• Requires a flush wall surface for installation-peel and stick countertops can be a little tricky to install if your wall isn’t flush along the surface. This is especially common in older homes because over time weak spots are created over time.

These weak spots cause adhesive to mature early which makes it hard for the countertop to stick on the surface. So, ensure that your wall or surface has no weak spots before the installation process.

• Can be porous-kitchen or bathroom surfaces shouldn’t be able to absorb oil, water, juice or any other liquid. Unfortunately, some peel and stick countertop materials absorb liquids and this is the number 1 cause of stains.

• Doesn’t come off easily-this happens if you have had the countertop for long. During the removal process there might be some resistance and if not handled well, you might end up ruining the surface underneath.

A summary of the Pros and Cons of Peel and Stick Countertops

• Most countertops are heat and water-resistant
• They require low maintenance
• Less expensive
• Easy to install
• Come in different styles, designs, textures and colours
• Protects the real countertop surface from food and water splashes
• Can be cleaned with soap and water

• High-quality peel and stick products can cost a lot
• Doesn’t come off easily, and might damage the surface underneath
• The surface has to be flat for the countertop to adhere

So, are peel and stick countertops any good?

Yes, peel and stick countertop is good.

If you compare the pros and cons of peel and stick countertops you’ll realize that it’s the best option for your home or property especially when on a budget, renting or if you like to change your decor often.

These do-it-yourself products come in great materials, patterns and colours that can work with any décor.

These countertops are ideal for home improvement since the benefits outweigh the hassle of permanent options.