3 Best Coral Paint Colors

Coral colors are often perceived to be retro, mainly because of their presence for ages.

There is also a tendency to identify coral paint colors with tropical inner designs.

As a result, this perception hinders the use of coral colors in all areas that do not qualify as beachfront environs.

In the past, the use of coral paint colors was widespread and these colors were a preference to many.

This popularity faded with time with the rapid modernization of interior design over the years.

However, coral paint colors are now making a strong comeback.

The wide variety of coral paint colors available only makes it difficult to settle on a particular one.

This is because all shades of coral colors appear to be equally welcoming and charming.

I will therefore focus on just 3 shades, that I believe are the best coral paint colors…

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1. Mellow Coral by Sherwin Williams

This specific coral shade falls under a broader category of pink hues, known as Rose.

The category of Rose comprises soft but cozy pink tones.

Mellow coral is a muted that is frequently found in archival spaces.

Also, for long-established spaces, mellow coral was a favorite choice.

Multiple color schemes can be used alongside the mellow coral shade.

These color schemes include:

  1. Complementary – Such as relentless olive
  2. Monochromatic – An example is the henna shade
  3. Analogous – Like the smoky salmon
  4. Triad – For instance, billowy breeze


  • Its softness creates room for it to blend in with almost all other colors.
  • Mellow coral has a subtleness that brings in both a calm and a wow factor in spaces.


  • It is so muted that its presence can fail to be acknowledged.


2. Perky Peach by Benjamin Moore

The perky peach tone is among the shades contained in the salmon color spectrum.

The name “salmon” comes from the flesh of the salmon fish, which looks like a blend of pink and orange.

Though, Australian salmons are mainly orange.


  • Perky peach is a vibrant color and it is therefore playful and inviting.


  • Since it is not a neutral color, there is a limit to the number of colors it can be used together with.

2. Italiano Rose by Benjamin Moore

With a reddish undertone, the Italiano rose shade is a rich hue of coral.

This shade is quite striking and has a resemblance to the red color, but it is slightly more muted.



  • Its brightness implies that it can only be combined with muted colors, at least to tone it down.

So Which Coral Paint Color Is Best?

The best coral paint color is the mellow coral. Why? It is a muted color, yet very exquisite.

This element makes it unique.

In addition to this, it has up to four different color schemes that it can be blended with.