Best Crate & Barrel Kids Bedroom Items

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When decorating your child’s bedroom, certain items are a must-have. For instance, you cannot fail to include a crib, glider rockers and the changing tables.

Apart from furniture, you need baby blankets, toys and stuffed animals. The main idea is to create a small little heaven for you, little one.

Go ahead and research what a nursery entails if you are unsure what to place in your kid’s room. It is also important to pay attention to the colour of the room.

You don’t want to put in colours that don’t have much or dull colours. Additionally, you can visit Crate and Barrel to find out more about how and what you can equip your kids’ bedroom with.

In this article below, you will come across some of the best bedroom items for your kids that are available on Crate and Barrel. Therefore, read on to find out more.

Kids Bedroom Items on Crate& Barrel

Growing up, I would see my mother decorate my siblings’ nurseries. She was keen and specific on the tiniest of details. I admired how perfect the rooms were at the end.

Therefore, when I got married and had my kids, I had to do the same. However, the main challenge was I did not know what else to add in the bedroom apart from the crib, changing tables and rocker.

That is when I went online and sought ideas and help from crate & Barrel. I came to realise that a nursery requires so much more.

I had to make the nurseries a personal DIY project and ever since I have mastered the art. Here are some of the amazing bedroom items you can find on Crate & Barrel.

1. Rugs

They may seem unimportant in a child’s room, but they may create a big impact once you purchase them. Rugs will make the room feel warm, welcoming and comfortable.

Warm fluffy rugs from Crate & Barrel can even act as soft landing spots for your baby when they start moving around.

Having a rug in their bedroom will also make their feet warm. However, when choosing a rug for your little one’s bedroom, be selective with the type of material and weaving pattern.

You should note that kids will do a lot of staining in the house. Therefore, go for a rag that is easy to clean and avoid bright colours like white or cream.

At Crate & Barrel, you will get amazing ideas on the right type of rugs you can use to not only create comfort for your child but also embellish their room.

Go for soft rugs made from wool and poly since they still have soft and tender skin. Additionally, rugs with bold prints can be a good choice as they can perfectly hide any stains.

2. Toy Box

Storing your kids’ toys can be a big challenge, mostly in homes where there is more than one kid as each kid has a different taste on the toys that they want.

Therefore, getting a toy box from Crate & Barrel will create more space for children to play and also, it will be easier when you need to store them away when they are done playing with them.

You can decide to go for the traditional toy boxes made from wood or go for fancy ones. They come in different finishes that will blend well with your kids’ bedroom furniture.

3. Wall Art

Your children’s bedroom should be an exciting place for them. Therefore, fill up the big blank walls with amazing wall art ideas from Crate & Barrel.

There is plenty of decorative wall art you can use. For instance, if you decide to use wallpapers, go for those with bold prints.

You may opt to create a wall gallery for them. It may contain pictures of them when they were young, some in a family portrait and so much more.

There is also the option of adding a shelf or storage unit. You can multitask the shelves and use them to store books to read.

Ideally, it would be best to go for open and closed shelving that will occupy much of the big wall.

There are numerous items you can equip in your child’s bedroom to make it beautiful and meaningful. It does not have to be boring with big blank intimidating walls.

However, do not go overboard in the process. Crate & Barrel has all that you need to succeed in this and you can check them out to pick all the things that you need.