3 Best Farmhouse Comforter Sets

Have you ever wondered which is the best farmhouse comforter set?

I have bought several comforters that disappointed me, so I will help you avoid going through the same experience I did.

These are my 3 top farmhouse comforters; Ink + ivy rhea cotton comforter, Bedsore boho queen comforter set and lash décor comforter 3 piece bedding set.

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1) Lash Décor Comforter 3 Piece Bedding Set

What Can the Product Do?

This is one of my best farmhouse comforters as it gives me a goodnight sleep. It is made explicitly for a farmhouse environment.

Key Specifications

  • It comes in a king
  • Grey in colour
  • It’s for adult age; hence can be used by all sizes of people
  • It has a shabby chic, striped and specifically for a farm house
  • Its price may range from $118 to $238

Key Features

  • Has a 100% cotton front and a 100% polyester back
  • Comes along with a king size comforter that is 92 by 104 inches and 2 perfectly matching shams


  • Both shams are easy to care for
  • Due to the material used in the making, it’s perfectly weighted and an all season bedding


  • It comes in only one size
  • Its only available in one color
  • Its expensive

Why I Have Included this Product

This is one of the best products I have used that feels soft on your skin.

Its subtle blue painted stripes form an ideal addition to your lovely farmhouse or even to your shabby chic bedroom décor.

2) Ink + Ivy Rhea Cotton Comforter

What the Product Can Do

If you are looking for a soft-feeling comforter to spend your nights in, this can be the perfect choice for you since it’s purely made out of cotton.

Key Specifications

  • Made for adult sizes
  • comes in a king size or the cal king size
  • made in the comforter set style
  • Manufactured by the INK+IVY brand

Key Features

  • It’s made with a hundred percent cotton
  • It can be easily washed with machine
  • This set includes one comforter with a width of 104 inches and92 inches length, 2 king shams measuring 20 inches’ width and 36 inches’ length.


  • Due to the cotton fabric used in the manufacture, its naturally breathable when sleeping in it
  • Its paired with a hypoallergenic filling which makes it perfect for all kinds of seasons


  • It’s made in one size

Why I Have Included this Product

Ink + Ivy Rhea Cotton Comforter is the perfect comforter if you are looking to have a soft and breathable fabric that perfectly fits the size of your bed.

This is the comforter that I always go for each time I spend a night with my kids, thanks to its comfort, plus I don’t have to worry about them suffocating when asleep.

3) Bedsore Boho Queen Comforter Set

What the product can do

This is the perfect comforter that can be used in all weather conditions.

Key Specifications

  • Available in white and light blue colours
  • Its also available in two sizes; the queen size and the twin size
  • It can either be stripped or checkered
  • Its purely made of polyester
  • Its prices range from $48 to $80

Key Features

  • Has a tufted embroidery that gives it a lively and well textured look
  • It is a 260 GSM comforter that has a polyester filling
  • Its front side has a stylish boho design style
  • Its backside is made with a soft, well-brushed microfiber


  • It’s easy to care for since it can be simply washed by the machine using cold water
  • Its stripes or the checkered patterns create the best rhythmic feel with your home white the lighter lines create a balance and stability feeling.
  • It comes in two different sizes
  • Its relatively cheaper
  • You have the option of choosing from two different colours


  • It has only one design

Why I Have Included this farmhouse comforter

This farmhouse comforter always creates a rhythmic feel with my home, and it always offers a medium warmth amount; hence can be used for a cool night.

The comforter also has extra layers that can come in handy during an extremely cold winter.

So What’s the Best Farmhouse Comforter Set?

Here’s my top 3 farmhouse comforter sets:

  • 1. Ink + ivy rhea cotton comforter
  • 2. Bedsore boho queen comforter set
  • 3. ash décor comforter 3 piece bedding set

If I had to pick one, it would be the bedsore boho queen comforter set because it can be used in all weather conditions and is relatively cheaper than the other two.