3 Best Farmhouse Lighting

This article will help you understand how to get a better look at your own home.

I will mention a few of the best farmhouse style lights that you should consider.

One of the reasons why farmhouse styles are well known is due to their immutable appeal.

Farmhouse lighting will come in different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.

The most used material when it comes to manufacturing is metal, wood and glass.

It is also highly advisable to come up with unique shapes when choosing or making the bulbs.

I prefer using wood since the natural wood colour gives the lighting style a rustic look.

It is vital to ensure that the material used will be able to enhance your space.

Remember, lighting adds a functional value to your space.

It adds some design elements to your space.

It is good to know that you are not bound when it comes to choosing any lighting feature.

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The three best farmhouse lights

Farmhouse designs nowadays come in plenty and different variety.
These alone make it extremely difficult to make a choice.

It is, therefore, necessary to seek some guidance when it comes to the choice of the best lighting.

Some guidance is also required when choosing a type of lighting that will marry with your space.

I have widely researched and have come up with my conclusion of three of the best farmhouse lights.

They include;

1. Chicken wire dome pendant light

What the product can do

This product has a bulb that allows forty watts of electricity for its use which is generally fair.

It is switched, in two different ways.

Key specifications of the product.

1.Its power source is mainly corded-electric.

2.It weighs one point eight pounds.

3.Its size is twelve by twelve by twelve inches.

4.The material used to make this lighting is metal.

5.It is also circular and has a matte finish.

6.The type of bulb used is LED.

7.The assembled diameter is ten inches and ten and is a three-quarter inch tall.

8.It also does not require batteries.

Key features of the product

1.The style used to design it is mainly traditional.

2.It is mainly for indoor use only.

3.No hand-wiring is required as the product is plugged into a socket.

4.It has a fifteen-and-a-half-foot cloth lamp cord with a switched socket.

5.It has two finished ceiling hooks and two cord clamps that are used to adjust the height of the lamp.

6.A manual that has easy-to-follow instructions is provided.

The pros and cons of the product

1.It is relatively cheap if it is not being shipped or imported.

2.The design and material of the product can be able to comfortably marry the initial design of most farmhouses


1.The design is relatively simplistic.

Why do I include this product on my list?
It has a simplistic design which can marry with the initial design of most farmhouse spaces.

2.Dury 4-light pendant

What the product can do

The four bulbs used in this design offer lighting of between four to sixty watts of electricity by creating a ceiling canopy.

Key specifications of the product

1.The product weighs about nine point two four pounds.

2.It has dimensions of twenty-one point five by twenty-one point by fourteen point five inches.

3.The material used is mainly glass and metal.

4.The shape of the product is a reflector.

5.The power source is corded electric.

6.It can withstand a voltage of one hundred and twenty volts and a wattage of sixty watts.

Key features of the product.

1.The type of bulb used is Incandescent-Candelabra

2.The mounting type is protruding.
3.Its usage is as a ceiling fan.
4.Its certification is UL listed and the switch style is a toggle.

The pros and cons of the product.

1.The product is relatively heavy.

2.It is relatively expensive.


1.It has a beautiful design.

Why do I include it on my list?

It has combined the use of glass and metal to come up with a unique design.

3.Tavern island chandelier

What the product can do

The product has several bulbs that are incandescent dry only.

Key specifications of the product

1.The product weighs around four point five pounds

2.It has a large size.

3.The style is contemporary.
4.It has a standard shape.

5.The material used is glass and metal.

Key features of the product

1.The type of bulb is incandescent.

2.The mounting type is protruding.
3.It is UL listed and certified.
4.No batteries are required.

The pros and cons of the product
1.The product is relatively light.

2.The product does not have a warranty.
3.It is relatively expensive.

Why do I include it on my list?
It has a simplistic and beautiful design.

So, What’s The Best Farmhouse Lighting?

So, what is the best farmhouse lighting product?

My picks were
1. Chicken wire dome pendant.
2. Dury 4-light pendant
3. Tavern island chandelier

If I was to pick the best among the three I would choose the Tavern island chandelier because of its great finish and also it has good appearance.