3 Best Faux Plants for Home

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The newest trend in town is the use of plants in your great room. Although, decorating homes with interior plants has never been more popular.

Sometimes it becomes challenging to keep houseplants alive, particularly the moderation of natural light.

I once bought some ceramic planters for my home, where my kids and I decided to plant some plants.

I, unfortunately, had no prior experience in plant maintenance, the plants, therefore, did not last for long as they were attacked by pests and diseases.

I, therefore, decided to try out artificial plants instead.

How I Selected the Faux Plants

With the help of my kids, I decided to do research online.

I read some scrutinized reviews later.

I also sourced some retail sites.

 I went to window shop at the retail site’s shops I found favorable.

Even after that experience, I had not decided on the faux plants.

What confused me was the prices varied widely.

It was therefore hard to make comparisons.

I noticed Faux plants that were pricier had a better aesthetic look.

I, therefore, asked for some advice from the experts I met with while window shopping.

With this help, I come up with a comprehensive list.

Things to Take into Consideration When Buying Faux Plants

The main aim of faux plants is to relieve the stress of maintaining natural plants (see how to make a DIY Wesy Elm Inspired Plant Stand here).

It is important to find plants that mimic natural plants.

Here are some reasons that will assist you in selection when buying faux plants;

  • The Shape and Shade

It is prudent to consider paying attention to the shape of stems and leaves.

Ensure the stems have a natural shape and color.

The best plants will come with wires that can bend to the desired shape of the user.

 The leaves should have different shades of green to improve the aesthetic look.

  • If you can be able to keep it clean

Faux plants are meant to be maintenance-free.

It is, however, important to regularly clean the plant.

The plant attracts layers of dust so ensure you can clean the plant with much ease.

  • If they can go with the season

It is prudent to consider if you can change the plant according to the season.

It won’t be a good idea to have a winter plant during spring.

Having unseasonal plants will make them easily noticeable as fake, therefore, buy plants for all the seasons and rotate them during the different seasons.

  • If they marry with Apt location

When fake plants are placed in areas where they can’t be easily accessed they may cover up the eyesores.

 They can bring greenery to feel to the area of design.

Plants that require constant watering shouldn’t be placed in those inaccessible places.

It will be advisable to go for plants that won’t require watering.

  • The Faux plants should be realistic

The visual appearance of the plants is the most important.

The plants you decide to choose should therefore have a certain and consistent floral arrangement.

It would be prudent to buy plants with different floral arrangements so that you can rotate them.

  • If the plants can be anchored in dirt

You should ensure that the plants you decide to buy can look natural when they are anchored by dirt or fake moss.

In case you use glass planters, ensure you use water so that it can look right.

I will recommend that you use opaque containers.

  • If the Faux plants can mix with natural plants

Combining both natural plants and faux plants can be a good idea as it will complement the overall appearance.

If you feel that is a good idea, select natural plants that are easy to maintain.

Also, ensure that you constantly clean the faux to avoid anyone noticing that you mixed the two plants.

The 3 Best Faux Plants

After some adequate research, I believe that the following Faux was best and fitted my specifications.

1. Artificial Potted Indoor/ Outdoor Bamboo Plant

I was particularly convinced by this plant when I saw it for the first time I thought it is was real.

The color shade of the leaves made it have an appealing look.

 It looks so unique.

It was also pocket-friendly, when I compared the prices at different retailers, it was relatively affordable.

2. Birds of Paradise Plant in Plastic Pot

Its irregular leaf tears and crinkles made it look appealing.

If you want a plant that will make a statement in your space, this plant will do.

3. Artificial Travelers Banana Leaf

It has broad, oblong leaves and has a similar appearance to that of banana leaves.

It is also relatively affordable.


Faux plants are a good option to introduce greenery to your space.

Faux plants will require very little maintenance although, they shouldn’t be completely ignored.

Consult an expert before you decide on which plant to buy.