5 Best Heat Gun for Crafts

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You can’t call yourself a DIYer or crafter until you have a heat gun that you can whip out at a moment’s notice.

I use mine to strip paint, loosen screws and remove wallpaper.

A heat gun is also great for making candles, working with leather, melting crayons for art projects and anything that needs hot air.

Overwhelmed with the choices? Don’t worry – I’ve done all the work for you.

Here are my top Heat Gun for Crafts picks.

SEEKONE Professional Heat Gun

What the product can do:

● Aid in painting, embossing, shrink wrapping and welding projects

● Offers variable temperature control

● Control air flow for each craft

Key Specifications:

● Adjustable temperature from 50 to 600 degrees

● Ergonomic design to prevent repetitive use injuries

● 2000 watts of power

● Lightweight for easy handling

Key Features:

● Turntable temperature control

● Comes with 5 nozzles

● Comes with a scraper and putty knife

● Long cord for convenient use


● Simple controls

● Wide temperature choice

● Perfect for home projects

● Dual airflow setting


● May be too hot for some projects

● Burn hazard

● May overheat with prolonged use

Homidic Handheld Hot Air Gun

What the product can do:

● Works for heating crafts using fabric, plastic and more

● Small design for household projects

● Heats up fast for quick jobs

Key Specifications:

● Stainless steel interior

● 300 watts

● 2 meter cord

● Handheld

Key features:

● Anti-slip grip

● Vents for air control

● Stainless steel holder


● Perfect for use with clay, wood and other materials

● Long cord

● Lightweight for easy control


● Can overheat with prolonged use

● Power button is in an inconvenient location

Grandma Shark Heat Gun

What this product can do:

● Strip paint

● Weld plastic

● Variable temperature control

● Precise air flow

Key Specifications:

● 2 meter cord

● Heats 350 to 600 degrees

● 2000 watts

● Airflow of 300 to 500 L/min

Key features:

● Dual temperature design

● Dual airflow

● Comes with 4 nozzles


● Quiet operation

● Ergonomic handle

● Easy to use

● Ideal for home use


● Burn risk – wear gloves

● Can overheat with extended use

Bosch Home and Garden EasyHeat Heat Gun

What the product can do:

● Tackles projects inside and outside

● Lightweight so you can use it anywhere

● Loosens bolts and screws

● Removes wallpaper

Key Specifications:

● Weighs 880 grams

● 13 amps

● Heats to 500 degrees

Key features:

● Comfortable grip zone

● Two easy to use settings

● Slip-resistant stand

● Several nozzles are available for various jobs


● Ideal for many purposes

● Comfortable to hold and use

● Long cord

● Reputable brand


● The nozzles are purchased separately

● Doesn’t reach as high of temperatures as other heat guns (see these electric heat guns)

Makita Hot Air Tool Kit

What this product can do:

● Forming and hardening

● Paint removal

● Welding

● Home projects

Key Specifications:

● 240 volts

● 1600 watts

● Heats 350 to 500 degrees

● 2 meter cord

Key features:

● Easy to use slide switch

● Overheat protection

● Airflow of 300 to 500 L/minute


● Reputable brand

● Double insulated

● Comes with a storage and carrying case

● Optional accessories are available


● Some accessories must be purchased separately

● Higher cost than other heat guns

My Recommended Best Heat Gun for Craft Projects

There’s something for everyone on this list. I love each of these options, but my favourite is the Grandma Shark, and not just because I love the name.

It’s a high quality product in a cool colour that delivers when it comes to heating projects.

Use it for simple craft projects or fire it up to remove wallpaper and paint and overhaul an entire room.

It’s easy to use and will help you get the job done.