5 Best Mini Grease Guns

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Are you that person who loves lubricating your machine on your own? Then, in your case, owning a mini grease gun is paramount.

A grease gun helps to lubricate certain pieces of your device, such as bearing and metal nuts.

Using this tool regularly helps you to protect your machine from getting rust.

When I was buying my mini grease gun, I realized the market offered various mini grease gun brands for me to choose from.

As a DIY enthusiast, I had to do little research on the best mini grease gun available in the market for an average homeowner.

In my brief guide, I will share a review of the five most popular mini grease guns.

These tools are available in the local stores, or you can order and purchase them online.

Five top mini grease guns

The following are some of the best mini grease gun brands in the market.

1. Carbyne mini grease gun

What the tool can do

Carbyne mini grease gun is a powerful tool that produces up to 3000psi of pressure.

The device comes with a lightweight and compact style that allows you to operate it at maximum mobility when you are in tight spaces.

The tool is perfect in a lubricating tight spot in;
• agricultural equipment
• automotive and trailers
• industrial machines

Key specification
• The brand name: Carbyne
• The items weigh 1.4 pounds
• The package dimension 13 by 6.3 by 1.9 inches

Key features
• The die-cast head for this tool develops a 3000psi working pressure
• Has a perfect size to lubricate tight spaces
• The pistol grip requires only one hand to operate.

• It uses an anodized aluminium barrel
• Has aesthetic look
• It has a non-slip grip that allows you to handle it with ease

• The tools have a mild leakage problem
• Priming takes times

Bottom line
This tool is sturdy, reliable and easy to use.

2. Lumax LX-1172

What the device can do
This mini grease gun is a superb tool that will last you for years.

Like most lightweight, the device uses an ergonomic design that allows you to handle it using a single hand.

With the ability to hold 3 ounces of lubricant, the tool is ideal for any hardy man, RV application, automotive industry, and farms.

Key specification
• Brand: Lumax
• Part Number: LX-1172
• Standard Park: 10

• Compact and lightweight
• The tool has a 4″ extension pipe, a non-drip cap, grease coupler (LX-1400)
• It has an output that can release 1.5oz of grease per 100 strokes
• Two-way loading

• Good quality
• It can be used by professional
• It has an advanced design that uses a cast alloy head.

• It generates plunger rod issues.
• It is not user friendly when changing a cartridge.

Bottom line

This tool is of good quality and can serve you personally or professionally. That’s why buying this grease gun from Lumax will be the best decision you can make.

3. Legacy workforce mini grease gun

What the tool can do
If you are a starter, choosing this mini grease gun will be great.

This tool is built-in with an option to tighten lubricating spaces.

Nonetheless, it has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to work with using one hand. And like most mini grease gun, it accepts a 3-ounce cartridge.

Key Specification
• Brand legacy Manufacturing
• Weight 1.6 ounces
• Product dimension 15 by 6 by 3

• Ease to use
• It has a flexible 12 inches extension
• Can hold 14 oz grease cartridge

• Has long flexible 12’’ hose
• It is consistent when priming
• Delivers a chrome body finish

• Lacks heavy-duty feature
• The plunge seal is not firm enough to stop grease from messing you up.

Bottom line
This mini grease gun has a highly durable grease gun. It is also user-friendly, which is why I recommend it to a new user.

4. Astro pneumatic tool 101 mini grease gun

What the tool does
The tool is perfect when you want to reach the corners and nooks of your machine.

This first-class mini grease gun comes in a limited-edition version. However, it can be used both by professional hardy men or by home users.

Key specification
• Brand: Astro
• Item weight 9.6 ounces
• Product dimension 9 by 5.25 by 1.5 inches

• Lubricate with ease
• Hold 3 ounces of lubricant
• Heavy-duty and lightweight

• Quality greasing
• Compact lightweight
• Economical

• When intense pressure is applied, It blocks the grease
• The cylinder sealing is not perfect and spills thin oil.

Bottom line
when finding a mini grease that is easy to handle and light in weight, Astro pneumatic brand will suit your needs.

5. Horusdy mini pistol grip grease gun

If you are looking for style, this mini grease gun should be in your shopping basket.

The tool is high-quality, durable, and suitable for homeowners with smaller projects.

Also, it has a positive lock feature that makes the greasing filling process manageable.

Key specification
• Brand: Horusdy
• Item weight: 2.01 pounds
• Product dimension 13.7 by 7.1 by 2.2 inches

• It has a 5.3-inch pipe and heavy-duty coupler
• It uses standard 3-ounce cartridges
• Its working pressure is 2900psi

• Best for small projects
• It uses a high-end chromium finish
• Its design resembles a handgrip pistol

• It doesn’t have heavy-duty features
• Not user friendly

Bottom line

If you that person who is motivated by style, you can choose Horusdy mini grease gun. This tool is manageable by a single-hand grip giving you enough mobility and comfort when working with it.

Which of these Top Mini Grease Guns Will You Try?

When you buy the best mini grease gun, you will lubricate your machinery and all the moving parts with ease.

This tool makes lubrication precise and convenient.

However, I would recommend you to buy a Carbyne mini grease gun. This powerful and user-friendly tool will enable you to access tight corners with ease.