Best Right Angle Impact Driver

You will find that most tradesmen, builders, or those of you who love a bit of DIY, will spend a lot of time drilling.

Sometimes a standard drill just won’t do the job, so you need a more specialized drill that can handle certain tasks. These tasks include roofing and working with longer screws.

This is where you need a right angle impact driver, as its compact design and high power will make installation of these tasks a breeze. 

In this article, we have put together the best right-angle impact drivers that you can purchase right now. Thus making your DIY  projects a lot easier to complete. 

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Milwaukee is a very popular brand for power tools. This is due to this brand producing a range of high quality tools. The M18 Right Angle Drill lives up to this reputation.

There are 11 different speeds on this driver, which allows you to accurately install. From our research, we discovered that the electric clutch that this driver has makes switching between the 11 different speeds easy. 

This driver uses an 18V motor and has a built-in LED light that helps illuminate your work surface while in use.

Overall, the lifespan of this tool is quite long, due to the digital overload protection that comes with this driver. This safety feature not only helps protect the battery, but this is what helps increase the lifespan of this driver. 

What we liked about this driver was it is a very compact and lightweight tool, that is easy to carry around and ideal when you are working in tight spaces. 


  • 11 Speeds - The Milwaukee 2615-20 M18 is built with 11 different speeds that will help you drill through anything. 
  • 18V Motor With Overload Protection - This driver has a powerful motor, but it comes with digital overload protection. This helps protect the battery and improve the overall lifespan of your driver.
  • Size - This is a compact and light driver. That can be used to drill in tight places easily. Its size also makes it very portable when traveling. 
  • Warranty - Milwaukee offers a 5-year warranty, in case anything goes wrong with your driver in that time, you can get it fixed or replaced. 


  • LED Light - There have been some split opinions on the LED light. Some users feel as if one light isn't strong enough, while others believe that the one LED light is very powerful. 
  • Price - This driver is quite pricey, but you are paying for quality from a very credible and well-known brand in the tool industry.

Also available to purchase from Milwaukee


Bosch PS41N 12V Max Impact Driver (Bare Tool), Blue


The Bosch Max Impact Driver is seen as one of the lightest and compact drivers that you can get your hands on.

We found that the benefit of having such a small driver is that you can get into those small and awkward places easily. This means you can then work anywhere that you need to, making your job overall a lot easier to complete. 

This driver contains a 12V motor and has around 100 Nm of torque. Thus, this driver will be able to handle most tasks that you throw at it.

The battery on this product will last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about charging the batteries while you are working. 


  • Lightweight - This is one of the lightest drivers that you can buy right now. It weighs around 1.8lbs only. The weight makes it very easy to handle, which also makes it very portable. 
  • LED Light - The light on the Bosch driver allows you to keep on working in low lighting conditions. 
  • Speeds - You can choose between various different speeds on this driver, which will allow you to complete various tasks with ease. 
  • Price - Drivers can cost quite a lot of money, but the Bosch 12V comes at a much more affordable price. 


  • Motor - Some users don’t like that this product only has a 12V motor, which then means lower torque. However, some users have claimed that the 12V motor is still powerful enough for what they want. 

Also available to purchase from Bosch.


RYOBI P241 Right Angle Drill 18V BATTERY Pounds 1100 RPM 3/8 Inch (Tool Only)


Ryobi is another well-known and popular tool brand. The One+ has a long neck design that allows you to reach awkward places that a standard driver wouldn’t be suited for, such as plumbing.

This driver also has an LED light that allows you to see where you are working in dark to low light conditions. 

This driver has an 18V motor that gives you 220 Nm of torque. Which makes drilling much faster and easier through tougher materials.

Through our tests, we learned that the trigger gives you precise control over the speed of the driver. The harder you press onto the trigger, the faster the driver will spin. 

The rubber grip gives you plenty of support while working. Also, there is a magnetic tray at the base of the driver. This lets you place fasteners and bits when you need your hands free.

A nice little add-on that allows you to hold your bits without losing them for when you require them.


  • Magnetic Storage Tray - This driver features a magnetic storage tray that allows you to place bits that you will need or don’t want to use. While allowing your other hand to remain free. 
  • Motor - The Ryobi One+ has an 18V motor, which then gives you 220Mn of torque. This is one of the highest torque ratings on our list. 
  • Grip - A rubber grip, allows you to comfortably hold this driver and get to work. Also, if you are working in hot conditions, then you can keep a secure grip on this tool, without it slipping through your hands. 


  • Weight - This driver is slightly heavier compared to other drivers we have mentioned on the list. Thus, if you wanted a driver that is lightweight, then this may not be the ideal driver for you. 


DEWALT DCD740C1 Right Angle Drill Kit, Yellow, 0.5


The Dewalt Max Right Angle Cordless Drill contains a 20V motor, which then will give you a high torque rating of 205 Nm.

This driver has three-speed settings, which give you great control over limiting how much power you need for the task at hand. 

This driver is lightweight yet sturdy, due to its robust construction. We liked the soft grips on this driver, as it made this driver easy to use, but felt comfortable in our hand.

There is a smallholder on the side which allows you to store nails quickly for easy installation. Also, the three LED lights allow you to carry on working when there is little to no light. 


  • Powerful - Dewalt’s Max Driver contains a 20V motor, which makes it very powerful. Thus, it can handle hard materials easily, making this driver much more versatile. 
  • Comfortable - In your hand, this driver is very comfortable to hold. The soft grips mold to your hand and give you confidence while using this product.
  • LED Lights - This driver has three LED lights that allow you to see what you are doing in little to no light conditions. Thus, nothing can stop you from working and getting the job done. 


  • Soft Case - Customers have complained that this driver comes in a soft case, not a hard case. Thus, this is something you need to be aware of when purchasing your Dewalt driver. The soft case doesn't help protect your tools when traveling. 

Also available to purchase from Dewalt.


Makita XLT01Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Impact Driver, Tool Only


The Makita XLT01Z, uses an 18V motor that gives you around 165NM of torque. Therefore, you can drill pretty much anything you want.

It is quite a lightweight driver, which makes it very portable. We found this driver to handle well, and it could manage awkward and tricky places reasonably well.

The soft grip on the handle, also makes this driver feel comfortable in your hand while in use. 

You determine the speed you want, by using the trigger. The trigger gives you good control of the overall speed as you judge how much speed you need.

Whilst, the two LED lights give you plenty of light so that you can see what you are doing in any light conditions. 


  • Lightweight - This driver is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use and very portable. 
  • Grip - A soft grip is used on this driver, which makes it comfortable to hold. The grip also allows you to feel confident while using this driver, that it is secure in your hand. 
  • Speed Trigger - We found it really easy to control and switch between the various speeds, using the trigger.
  • LED lights - Two LED lights are used, that allow you to see what you are doing in any light conditions.


  • Forward/Reverse Selector Switch - A couple of users have noted that this switch is in an awkward place near the base by the battery. Therefore, it may take some getting used to having this switch in a different position, which may throw some users off when using this driver for the first time.

Buyer’s Guide For Right Angle Impact Wrench & Drivers

There are many drills on the market, and you may wonder if you need various different drills.

Well, depending on the job and task that you need to complete, you may need a right-angle impact driver drill.

A normal drill is great for basic DIY projects and home maintenance tasks, yet when it comes to thicker or tougher materials you need a right angle driver that will be able to cope with it. 

As a result, a right-angle impact driver is perfect for heavy-duty tasks and projects.

They work well with longer screws and with hard materials like metal, wood, and walls. A normal drill will struggle to cope with these tougher materials, but they are more suited for lighter tasks. 

Typically, a right angle impact driver is quite light, thus it is easy to work with and carry. They are also very powerful and drive screws into their holes very quickly. Below, we have put together a short guide on some of the key factors you should consider when buying your right-angle impact driver.


Most impact drivers are cordless, there are a few that are corroded, but typically cordless is better. Therefore, as your driver is cordless, you want to make sure that it has a good battery. Most cordless drivers should be able to last you a few hours before the battery needs charging again.

By using a cordless impact driver, you can work much more freely, without being limited to how far your cord can reach. The batteries that you see used in a cordless impact driver are generally lithium-ion.

Often when you buy a driver, the battery isn't included. However, most batteries are compatible with all your tools, but this is something you need to check when purchasing.


You should always check what voltage your driver has. It will either be 12V, 18V, or 20V. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the impact driver will be. 

12V drivers are typically quite light and compact. This makes them very portable and easy to use. This amount of power can easily drive in your average-sized screws into a range of materials.

Having a 12V impact driver is the ideal choice if it is only going to be used for small projects around the house. Otherwise, you won’t have enough voltage for what you want.

The 18V impacts drivers have a little bit more power than 12V. However, as they have more power, this makes them slightly bigger and heavier. Thus, they are more of a natural choice for bigger projects.

If you enjoy your DIY, then you should consider an 18V impact driver rather than a 12V driver. An 18V driver can drive in larger screws or drive into hard surfaces. 

However, let's not forget 20V impact drivers. These are the biggest and heaviest, but the most powerful impact drivers you can get your hands on. The largest screws and hardest materials are easy to use with a 20V driver.

Builders and contractors are more likely to buy a 20V impact driver, as they are ideal for large projects like adding a new room to an hour or building decks. It has to be said that 20V drivers are much more expensive than the others, but this is because you are buying a lot more power.

Hence, when looking at what kind of impact driver you want, you need to be aware of the battery life of the driver. As no one wants their driver to stop working halfway through their job or project. Whilst also the voltage that you want, should depend on what kind of tasks you are going to be completing with the impact driver. 

If you intend to complete small tasks, then a smaller voltage impact driver will be more suited to your needs. 


You will have noticed that throughout the article, the word torque is mentioned. Torque is important as it is all about the burning power of the impact driver. The general rule is that the more torque you have, the more power and battery you will have. 

Thus, when you are dealing with hard and tough materials, you want an impact driver that can handle it well. The torque is all about how fast your impact driver spins, therefore sometimes you require a bit more torque for more difficult materials. 

Therefore, just like the power and voltage, you need to think about what you intend to do with the impact driver and this will affect how much torque you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Right Angle Drill Worth It?

A right angle drill/impact driver is a very versatile tool that can be used for various tasks around the home or while at work.

It is particularly useful as it can help you get into tight and awkward spaces that a general drill cannot reach. A right-angle drill helps you reach difficult places, but also can tackle tougher materials much more easily. 

Can You Tighten Bolts Using An Impact Driver?

You need to be careful about trying to tighten anything with an impact driver. Typically, impact drivers don't have a clutch, thus you need to pay attention when driving in anything.

These tools are also very powerful. Hence, when you need a lighter and more focused touch, then a regular drill will be more appropriate in this situation. 


Having a right-angle impact driver can be really useful when you have more awkward or difficult projects to complete. There are a vast number of right-angle impact drivers on the market, therefore you need to make sure that you choose the right one.

When it comes to picking the correct impact driver, you need to consider why you want it and what it will be used for. Generally, they are great for tasks involving larger screws and tough materials.

However, you need to consider what you intend to use it for, as that will influence the voltage and speed that you require.

Our article has given you our round-up of the best right angle impact drivers that you can get your hands on right now. In that list, we have covered every kind of voltage, so there is an impact driver for everyone. Now there is no excuse for putting off that bit of DIY.

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