5 Best Staple Guns for Wood Frames

I have been using different DIY methods when hanging frames on the walls. There was nothing as easy as using a state-of-the-art staple gun.

You will experience the best and enjoyable moments when you use a tool that makes your work easier.

Ensure you have the best staple gun to hang wood frames with ease and a lot of precision.

The market is full of all kinds of staple guns.

They come in different designs and specifications. Therefore, selecting the best staple gun is not easy for many individuals.

However, you should not worry since I have the solution you have been waiting for long.

Below are some of the 5 best staple guns for hanging wood frames.

#1. Logan dual point elite F500-2

It is one of the best wood frame tools you can use.

What is F500-2 used for?
• You can operate it on a rigid or flexible point.

Key specifications
• It has a comfy rubber handgrip.
• This tool has a strong point pressure.

Key features of the F500-2
• Dual points. This feature makes it essential for professional use.
• Simple adjustment. You can adjust to have a suitable clip depth.

• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Well developed and easy to handle
• Low chances of jamming

• You may encounter problems when you change the style point
• Works with specific points
• Don works well on hardened resins

Why is F500-2 on the list?
• It has a good performance on surfaces like plywood, pine, oak, and maple.

#2. GID-286785 DEWALT

GID-286785 DEWALT is believed to be anti-jam.

What is GID-286785 DEWALT used for?
• It is used to pin wood frames using heavy-duty staples and several other staple sizes.

Key specifications
• It uses pins ranging from ¼” and 5/8 in length.
• It can use arrow T-50 staples and TRA 700 Stanley staples.

Key features
• It has a die-cast casing making it durable

• Easy to reload
• Use a variety of staple size
• Less effort to use
• Durable and strong
• Popular and respected brand

• Smaller men and women can find it had to use this tool
• Some defective models can jam and misfire

Why include in the list
• It has an easy reloading process since you only have to lift the tab at the gun base.

#3. Topec Staple Gun

What is Topec used for?
• It is one of the incredible toolbars you can trust when framing any wood.

Key specifications
• It is made using thick carbon steel; hence it cannot break easily.
• The manufacturing design allows it to spring back after every staple, thanks to the spring back function.
• The quick jam clearing mechanism helps you sort out jamming problems even though they do not jam easily.

Key features
• Power adjustment. You can increase the pressure using the knob.
• Sturdy construction. It is built durable and sturdy.
• Fast clear jam. You can clear jam easily to increase efficiency.

• Durable
• Easy to use
• 3-way staples
• Comes with everything
• Lightweight

• Can easily jam
• Hard to follow guidelines due to font size

Why include in the list
• It has a handgrip at the handle base, and at the bottom, you will get staple remover.

#4. Tolsen 3-Way Heavy-Duty Chrome

It belongs to the list of the best staple guns in terms of effectiveness and power.

What is it used for?
• It is used to hand wood frames and make them more fascinating due to its easy handling ability.

Key specifications
• It is lightweight, tough it is a hand nail gun.
• It is packed with crowns, U-shaped nails, and 200 brad nail pieces.

Key features
• Adjustable mechanism. You can always adjust the depth of the staple, thanks to the adjustable mechanism.
• Durable construction. It is made to last long; made of carbon steel.

• Easy to use
• Sturdy and rugged
• Easy to reload
• Compatible with different staples
• Very lightweight
• Comfortable to handle
• Uses brand nails

• Sometimes it can jam
• Suitable for soft material only

Why include in the list
• The magazine is best for corner frame staples.

#5. Surebonder T-50 Pneumatic Heavy Duty 9600AK

What is used for?
• It is a sure deal staple gun for wood frames hanging.

Key specifications
• It is versatile
• It has a unique feature that can prevent misfire.

Key features
• 6250 staples. It comes with 6250 staples for smooth operation.
• Ease of use. It has manual instruction for convenience.

• Fairly lightweight
• Good safety features
• Free oil, Allen wrench, and carrying case
• 4 free staple boxes

• No air compressor
• You cannot see the staple levels since the viewing window is too small

Why include in the list
• It has the best quality male air hose coupler.

Top 5 Recommended Staple Guns for Wood Frames

In conclusion, the market is full of different types of staple guns for wood frames.

Therefore it is hard to pick the best one for your wood frame project.

However, I have the above 5 best stale guns for the wood frame you can select the best from.

Though the above list contains the best staple guns, I will always recommend one of my favourites: GID-286785 DEWALT.

The best thing about this type of staple gun is that it is safe to use, affordable, durable, and comfortable.