Create BIG Impact With These 7 Easy Décor Fixes

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To make a big impact in your living space, you don’t always have to do an expensive room makeover. Simple décor changes are affordable and easy, and they can help you create a BIG impact.

Décor doesn’t require spending vast amounts of money. Imagination and the patience to find the right piece is needed to create a stylish room.

To make a space inviting and memorable, all you need are small touches of décor. Below are some easy décor fixes to help you create a big impact in your living space.

Update lighting

Updating your lighting does not have to be expensive. You can update your lighting by DIYing a trendy style, buying a new lamp shade or spray painting the base.

Lighting breathes new life into a living space. It makes a room more inviting and warm. To update the lighting in your living space, you can take advantage of natural light or add mirrors that will reflect natural light and improve the lighting in your house.

Enchanting entrance

First impressions count. When you want to create a big impact on your space you need to get it right off the bat.

Begin with sprucing up your entryway. To create an enchanting entrance, create a focal point in your entryway by bringing a smaller table or bench.

You can either lay a rug, add some accessories or hang an inexpensive art. To add style and function to your living space, you can also add a mirror.

Accent pillows

Accent pillows provide a great way to change accent colours or seasons by switching the decorative pillows on the couch.

Changing pillows allows you to make bold statements about your living space, and you can use them to create a big impact on your living space.

Decorative pillow colours save on space, and they are a great way to give your home’s décor a quick fix. You can DIY these pillows yourself and get precisely the pillow covers you are looking for.

Remember the sense of smell

Many people pay attention to what they can see and touch, but scent plays a significant role when designing a home.

Select a room scent that you love, which can either be fragrance sprays or scented candles. The scent will help you make a difference between your home and everybody else.

Using these scents, you can create different atmospheres in different parts of your house, such as the hallway and the living room. A nice and strong sense of smell will transport you to another place while still in your home.

Minimize clutter

It may sound like a simple task, but we always have many things on our furniture and items that become cluttered most of the time.

The human mind is known for overlooking a busy area. When your eye is stimulated too much with too many things, it makes an area uninviting.

The best way to create a big impact in your living space is by simplifying your décor by minimizing clutter. When decorating your house, reduce the clutter at all cost and take in all the space you have and maximize it.

Change the lampshades

This is another affordable and easy way to bring colour into a space. New lampshades bring a big impact on the room.

Instead of buying a white lampshade, buy a yellow one or any other lampshade with bright colours. Lampshades come in different sizes, colours and shapes.

It is vital to choose the one that will suit your décor needs and give you a new point of view and glamour. You can paint the white lampshades with stripes to make a striking visual feature.

Use paint creatively

A gallon of paint can do wonders for a room. Walls become smudged over with years, and when you apply a fresh coat of paint, they immediately renew a room.

Change of colour transforms the room, and it connotes confidence. Paint can be used to cover drywall, but it can be used as a quick fix for lacklustre wood floors.

Painting a room creates a huge difference and the whole atmosphere changes. Painting lightens the room up. It creates an appealing texture and can cover up for surface irregularities.

Final thoughts

The above tips are great thought starters to help you make a big impact in your living space. There are other easy décor fixes that you can use to create a big impact but they need to execute perfectly. They are easy and inexpensive, use the below tips to transform your space into an unforgettable home.

  • Update lighting
  • Enchanting entrance
  • Accent pillows
  • Remember the sense of smell
  • Minimize clutter
  • Change the lampshades
  • Use Paint creatively