How to Build a Huise Bunk Bed

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House beds are the biggest trend right now; the kids enjoy it a lot. It’s only normal that you are itching to get one for your kids.

However, instead of buying the bed, why not try making it at home instead. I am not going to lie to you, it’s a bit of work, but the DIY bunk bed is so worth it (if you need to create a general farmhouse inspired bed then check here).

Aside from proving you are very creative, it can save you more money than buying a ready-made house bunk bed. If you don’t have the right skills get someone to help you.

Step 1: Assemble Tools and Materials

Making a house bunk bed is a huge undertaking; you can afford to skip this first step. Get all the material you need and tools like a drill, circular saw, tape measure, sander, clamps, drill bits, and so much more.

When you have a cut list, you can cut all the pieces needed to make the bed before starting. The cut list depends entirely on how big the bunk bed will be.

When you have the pieces ready, your work will be to attach them until you have a bed. This project might take more than a day, especially when you are not a very handy person.

I prefer working with a diagram because it’s a great reference point. Ensure you get a sketch when you are collecting tools and materials.

Step 2: Assemble the Foot End

When you have your pieces ready, assembling them will be a breeze. For a nice sturdy house bunk bed, you will need at least eight pieces for the foot end.

Start by measuring the pieces and fitting them together using pocket holes and screws. Have someone hold the three straight and long pieces of wood while you screw the other parts.

The three lengthy pieces are the frontend frame and double up as legs. Ensure the leg spacing is enough before you secure the foot end. The structure should look like the sideways of a house.

Step 3: Assemble the Head End

I am making this sound simple, but the accuracy required to put the pieces together can make the project hard. Repeat the same thing you did with the foot end.

Gather all the pieces you need for the head end and screw them together. Ensure you turn all the pieces so that the pocket holes are on the backside.

It’s hard to see what the end product will look like at this point but don’t be discouraged. Measure and screw all the pieces together until you have a frame that looks like the foot end.

Remember, a bunk bed is taller than a normal bed; securing the top pieces of the frame can be a challenge. But with help, you can complete the assembling much faster.

Step 4: Put Together the Bed Rail

You will need to put together rails for the bottom and top beds. They are the same as a normal bed’s rail.

They usually require two pieces of lumber. You require four rails and four pop-outs to hold the foot and head end together.

Do not forget to attach mattress support to the bed rails. Some people attach the mattress support after they have assembled the bed frame.

I prefer adding it to the rail before you attach anything else. The mattress support is a small piece of wood that holds the slats together.

Step 5: Assemble the Bed Frame

It’s the moment of truth and time to know if the pieces come together nicely or not. Take the foot end and head end frames and assemble them using the bed rails.

It will look like a complete bunk bed house but without the slats. When the structure is whole, you have to figure out where you add the ladder.

The ladder helps the kids access the top bunker with ease. It’s easy to create the ladder once you attach the rails.

Determine the size of the ladder first before making the side rails and attaching them to the bed. Add the ladder steps, and you will be good to go.

It’s now time to add the mattress slats. The bottom bed can use normal slats, but if you want the lower bunker to have a more finished ceiling, use different slats on the top bed.

You would have completed a house bunk bed. But you can add other accessories like windows, doors and a roof to make it look like a real house.

But if you wanted a simple frame, this will be enough; you should add mattresses and let the kids enjoy.


To build a house bunk bed, follow these steps.

Step 1: assemble tools and materials

Step 2: assemble the foot end

Step 3: assemble the head end

Step 4: put together the bed rail

Step 5: assemble the bed frame