Can Airstone Be Used On Fireplace?

Yes, according to Airstone themselves it can be used around a fireplace or wood stove as it has a Class A rating in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards.

Airstone is a piece of aquarium furniture either a piece of porous stone or lime wood whose purpose is to diffuse air in the tank as it eliminates the noise and large bubbles of conventional air filtration systems.

Airstone is quite lightweight as it weighs 75% less than the real stone but goes unnoticeable as they give off a rough texture similar to that of real stone.

Below are the steps to follow as you install the airstones at your home and if airstone can be used on fireplaces.

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Step 1: Prepping the surface

At first, you’ll need to clean the surface that you will be applying the stones too and then leave it to dry.

The surface is cleaned with a wet rag and warm water.

Step 2: Selection of the airstones

Lay down the stones as they come in three different edges: natural, flat, and cornerstones.

For the natural edge type, you’ll use the side of the stone that’s exposed.

Step 3: Figure out the general placement

I will advise you to stock the stones to gauge the color variation as you cut them with a milter saw if necessary to vary where the edges will fall.

The stones should also be aerated to allow them to take in the air temperature of the room.

Step 4: Temporary placement

After figuring out the general placement, you will begin stacking the stones on top of each other starting with the corner pieces.

Keep adding the rest of the stones at the sides as you cut them in varying lengths to allow them to fit properly in place.

Step 5: Prepping of stones

By use of a pencil, mark the size of stone you will need. Make sure to cut the stones on the face side and not the back as it is easier to cut.

Step 6: Attach the stones

By use of a putty knife and a thick coat of adhesive, apply the adhesive on the stone and press firmly onto the wall.

It’s advisable to start from the top going down so that the stones get a perfect fit.

Step 7: Addition of support ground

You can add a piece of store foam board that you will cut a little bit larger than the firebox opening.

Make sure it’s a perfect fit so that it can appropriately hold the stones up as they dry.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to customize your home according to your specific preference.

Make sure the materials and tools are the right ones to use to produce the best results.

Can Airstone Be Used On Fireplaces?

Yes, according to Airstone themselves who say…

AirStone is non-flammable, non-combustible and safe to use around wood stoves and fireplaces. It has a Class A rating in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards. When exposed to extreme temperatures (over 360 degrees F), certain lighter tones may be prone to discoloration.

AirStone Interior Adhesive is rated up to a temperature of 120˚F, and Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive is rated up to a temperature of 160˚F.

The airstone material is also beneficial at the chimney as its nonflammable, noncombustible, and is safe for fireplaces.

It’s a class A rating following ASTM E-84 standards. Its adhesive can also take up a temperature of up to 120°F making it the best for fireplace decoration.