Can Cricut Cut Wood? (How To Guide)

Yes, the Cricut maker can cut wood and open a new world of crafting capabilities.

However, you need to understand some things when using the cricut wood cutting, including the mats, blades, and important tricks and tips that will make crafting a success.

Be sure to use this blog as a guide when you start cutting the wood using the Cricut

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How to cut wood using Cricut

If you know how to use the Cricut knife blade, it is time to learn how to use the knife blade to cut some wood.

You will have to start by taking the first three essential steps when you first use your marker.

You need to follow these steps to make it a success.

Preparing your Cricut maker knife blade

1. Move the star wheels.

The materials you will cut using the Cricut knife blade should be thicker than the paper to ensure that you will achieve the proper clearance of the thicker materials.

You will need to move the star wheels noted with the small white rings on the maker roller bar to the right.

The wheels help the material to stay in position when you are cutting, but you can leave the track marks on the thicker materials.

When doing this for the first time, you will need to apply a bit of pressure.

Moving the star wheels to the right will always overlap to about one inch on your mat.

Therefore, you are recommended to cut the wood with the Cricut 1 inch to the right side to ensure it will not interfere or will not get stuck on the star wheels.

2. Prepare your material and mat

This involves preparing the material and mat that you will cut with a Cricut knife blade.

You should always try to cut down the material before to help you minimize the waste.

Ensure that the materials you will be using are not wider than 11 inches to prevent issues with the star wheel overlap.

3. Calibrate the circuit Knife blade

If it is your first time cutting with the Cricut knife blade, you should calibrate your blade.

This ensures that the knife blade is attached to your machine.

You cannot cut with the knife when it has not been calibrated (which can cause it to cut in the wrong place).

Cutting wood using Cricut Cut

1. Prepare the machine and the wood.

You will start by uploading your cut file into the cricut design space and then remove the negative space.

Then, follow the steps to prepare the machine and the knife blade; set up the material (see which materials your cricut can cut here) and the map by tapping everything down and load the cut file in the design space to start cutting.

2. Start Cutting

In this step, you will start cutting the wood.

This involves doing some pass that is focused on the cutting file.

After the pass is done, the design space will estimate the time it will take to cut the wood.

3. Wait for some time and then finish up

All the passes involved will take about twenty minutes to finish.

However, you will need to check periodically while still going about your business.

Once it is done, you will get a screen of the design space asking you to ensure that your cuts were good before uploading the mat.

Remember to use the weeding tool to gently lift the a that appears at the end of the cut to ensure that it made it all the way through.

Ensure that it is raised with ease.

After you confirm that all the project is good, gently remove the outline.

Can I Cut Wood With Cricut?

Yes, the Cricut Cut can cut wood because it has the right blade and procedure to give it the right command for the job.

However, you should ensure the correct calibration for the Cricut maker knife blade, including moving the star wheel, preparing the materials and mat and calibrating the Cricut knife blade.

With the right setup, you can start cutting the wood and enjoy all the fancy new blades of the Cricut Maker.