Can Quartz Countertops be Buffed?

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The popularity of quartz countertops means that many of you will be asking the question “can quartz countertops be buffed?”

The answer, I am pleased to announce, is yes Quart Countertop can be buffed and refinished.
In the following article I will outline the ‘dos and don’ts’ for keeping a quartz countertop clean.

Specialist quartz polishing products

As the name suggests these products are specially designed for polishing items made from quartz.
Prior to starting using these specialist products I would always take a little time to wipe and clean the countertop with a soft cloth and water applied from a spray bottle. This process will make sure that there are no ‘foreign bodies’ lurking on the countertop which may produce an unwanted reaction when mixed with the polishing products.

Reading the instructions on the quartz polishing products before applying them will help to make sure that you will obtain a satisfactory finish upon completion.
These type of cleaners may be able to renovate your quartz countertop even if it is showing signs of staining.

Use of soap and water

Quartz is a tough material and you should not be afraid to use a scrubbing brush and warm, soapy water to clean surfaces made from it.
The water should be applied to the countertop by spraying it from a spray bottle.
I usually allow a few minutes for the soap and water to have their effect on the quartz surface before starting to wipe with a sponge.
If you find that there are areas of discoloration, I would try to scrub them clean with a scrubbing brush, such as a bathroom nail brush.

After scrubbing, the surface can be polished with a cloth such as a face-flannel.

Finally, a dry cloth can be used to wipe the quartz surface to remove any last patches of moisture and to avoid leaving any visible ‘streaks’ which may be highlighted by strong, overhead lighting.

Glass and window cleaning products

There are many specialist products available in high street stores that can be suitable for cleaning quartz countertops.
Liquids designed to clean drinking glasses may also be suitable for the task of bringing the shine back to a quartz countertop.

Many domestic window cleaning products will also be suitable to aid you in bringing the shine back to your kitchen worktops.

As when applying soappy water, it is probably wise to mix the glass or window cleaning fluid with water and apply it using a plastic spray bottle.

These cleaners should be mixed with the water in a very small amount, you can always add more cleaner to the water if the results are not satisfactory.

Preventative measures

I always try to think ahead before placing any items on my quartz countertops as I am aware that there are potential problems with some things which I may wish to set down.

Everyday items which may cause damage and stain a countertop include some fresh fruit items, fruit juices, tea, coffee and red wine.
Tomato sauce can also stain quartz worktops if it is spilled and not cleaned up immediately, so care should be taken when using it.

I have trained myself to never place the above food items directly on to the countertop, opting instead to place them in a bowl or place a piece of protective material between the item and the worksurface.


Bleach and bleach based products should not be used to clean quartz countertops.

Although this product is used in many situations where cleanliness is desireable, it is not suitable for direct use on these worksurfaces and may cause light colored spots on the suface of the quartz as it can penetrate the surface.

Excessive heat problems

While the quartz worktops are able to deal with heat, excessively hot items should not be placed directly on to the surface.

Once again it is necessary to protect the quartz surface by placing a piece of suitable protective material between the hot item and the countertop.

Can quartz countertops be buffed?

Yes, Quart countertops can be buffed. 

If taken care of properly, quartz countertops will retain their shine and provide sterling service for a great number of years.

However, in order to get the best out of these worksurfaces the following should be considered:

  • Use specialist cleaning materials
  • Protect the quartz worktop from excessive heat
  • Protect the quartz worktop from fruit juices, tea, coffee, etc.

By taking the time to look after your quartz countertops they will reward you with long service while retaining their ‘shine’.

Avoid excessive heat and do not place items which may damage the surface directly on to the countertop.

Use the correct products for cleaning and keep bleach based products away from the quartz surface.