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Can You Paint JB Weld?

Yes, you can paint JB weld without any problem. Being a high-temperature epoxy adhesive, JB weld has a range of uses in the auto industry. For example, can be used to fill up holes in the car body and to join things. However, you might want to paint the surface after using JB, which is […]

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Can you paint Eva foam?

Yes, you can point Eva form, to do this with ease it is recommended that you seal Eva form with plastic dip before painting just to ensure the whole process is easy. When painting one can be anxious because of the outcome expectation. when it comes to painting  Eva form worry no more because we

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Can you paint rubber?

Rubber-like any other durable material that you can use to decorate your home or use on your art can be painted. Painting of rubber largely depends on the type you are working with as there are plenty of options available to use. However, before painting your rubber, make sure you select the best painting material

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Can you paint latex over oil?

Oil-based paint previously dominated the interior painting industry for high-impact areas like trim work, doorways, and cabinets. When oil-based paint dries, it generates a slew of volatile organic compounds that are detrimental to the environment. Because natural spirits or paint thinner must be used to clean up instead of freshwater, the paint is frequently dirty

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