How To Decorate A Christmas Living Room

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Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are like most people, then you will be entertaining guests coming to see you.

It is a festive time of year that brings joy and happiness to many people. It’s also the perfect excuse for decorating your living room!

There are so many different options, it can be hard knowing where to start. That’s why we compiled this list of ten ways you can deck out your Christmas living room in style!

1. Hang a Garland

Garlands are the perfect way to add some Christmas cheer to your living room. You can hang them across doorways or pegs, or go for the cozier look by hanging one above your mantlepiece, fireplace, or television.

Decorating your home this season does not have to be time-consuming. By using garlands you are adding some magic to your living room in just a few minutes.

You can either buy one or make your own. If you make your own, you can get creative and use all sorts of materials, such as pinecones, berries, and ornaments.

2. Put Up a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the most vibrant way to decorate your living room in style. It’s also an easy decision since there are so many different options when it comes to trees!

Once decorated, it will truly come alive with Christmas happiness. You can’t go wrong putting up a tree in your living room!

3. Hang Some Stockings

This tip applies both to stocking holders and stockings. Stockings are a great way for guests to leave their gifts without having to bring anything too big into your home.

It’s also attractive! You can find some awesome ones at your local store.

4. Put Some Candy Canes on Your Tree

You can’t go wrong with candy canes! Candy canes come in so many different colors and flavors. Adding some to your tree or stockings is a great way of making them stand out more.

You can also use them as a decoration on your table if you like! These tasty treats will add a nice pop of color and sweetness to your Christmas tree.

5. Hang Some Ornaments

Do you have some old, gorgeous ornaments in your home? Then this is the time of year to break them out and display them in all their glory!

Ornaments are synonymous with Christmas, so it seems only natural to decorate your living room with some! You can find all different types of ornaments, from themed ones to fun and festive ones.

If you don’t own any ornaments that are Christmas-themed, then feel free to check out local stores for some! They will happily help you pick some out. You can also use them as decoration on other surfaces in your home.

6. Cover Your Furniture in a Tacky Fabric

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your living room, then consider covering your furniture with a Christmas-themed fabric!

It’s the perfect excuse to redecorate without having to spend too much money. Just make sure that if you do this, it will still be functional for guests to sit on!

7. Decorate Using Lights

Lights are the best decorations for dark rooms (like your living room). They come in all different forms, such as icicle strings and candles.

With so many options available to you, you are certain to find the perfect lights for your home! They are perfect for adding to your tree or just for displaying around your living room.

8. Get Some Stickers

Getting some Christmas-themed stickers is a great way of covering light surfaces, like mirrors and windows.

You can use them on their own or alongside some other decorations (like garlands). They are festive and attractive without being too expensive! If you want, you can even make your stickers using card stock and a printer!

9. Get Some Bows

Bows are another inexpensive decoration option. They come in different colors to perfectly match your theme.

This is the perfect way to add some Christmas cheer to your home without spending much money! Just be mindful that they could easily get ruined if they are not properly cared for.

10. Get Some Tinsel

Tinsel is a great decoration for Christmas trees. It adds a gorgeous look to any Christmas tree and can also be used on its own as part of your living room decor! As well as using it on the tree, you can also hang some over shelves and other surfaces to make them sparkle and stand out.

You can buy some tinsels or make them yourself if you are feeling crafty. They are perfect for adding an extra bit of glitz and glamour to your tree or other surfaces in your living room.


Here are the ten ways to decorate your living room for Christmas;

1. Hang a garland

2. Put a Christmas tree

3. Hang some stockings

4. Put some candy canes on your tree

5. Hang some ornaments

6. Cover your furniture in a tacky fabric

7. Decorate using lights

8. Get some stickers

9. Get some bows

10. Get some tinsel

These are just a few of the many ways that you can decorate your living room for Christmas. With so many different options available to you, there is something for everyone! So get creative and have some fun with your decorations this year!