How Do You Cut Baseboard Around Bullnose Corners?

Ever since my childhood, I have enjoyed watching my dad work in his garage while fixing things here and there.

Out of curiosity, I picked up a few skills while watching him work and I began fixing things independently.

I enjoy staying at home and while at it, I fix broken things around the house and even redecorate the house.

Who wouldn’t love a good-looking house?

As a homeowner, I love the uniqueness of rounded bullnose corners.

I assure you that it is not difficult to install bullnose corners compared to square ones.

I advise you always to plan ahead to avoid such challenges.

You can choose to add baseboard adapters while installing the bullnose beading.

If you don’t add the baseboard adapters, you will have to do angle-cuts at the ends of the baseboards which approach the corner.

Then, you will fit a small-sized baseboard between them.

Cutting bullnose corners is not hard but you will have to do a lot of precise artistry and careful measurements to do it right.

In this article, I will share with you how to cut baseboard around bullnose corners and hopefully, this will be of help to you.

As I learned from experience, bullnose can present challenges when it’s time to use baseboards.

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For rounded corners, what angle will you cut the baseboards?

While making cuts around bullnose corners, you will do several additional cuts in different angles.

You will also need an additional center piece to wrap around the corner that connects the two.

Finally, you will require three pieces having four 22.5-degree cuts that total 90-degrees.

Step 1

Line up the outside boards against the wall and place your marks.

Step 2

For your center piece, use your miter saw (which can be under 200) to cut a center piece.

In regards to a 90-degree corner, the measurement for the inside will be between 5/8”-3/4″.

This will leave your marks visible. For the two outside cuts, they will measure 22.5-degrees.

Step 3

Side pieces: For the side pieces, use your boards to make an inside cut at an angle of 22.5-degrees on each.

Ensure you leave your marks visible.


I would like you to keep in mind that not all walls are equal. Some walls might have corners measuring 89 degrees while others may measure 91 degrees.

This will impact the look and how you assemble your cuts. I recommend that if your wall is 91 degrees or less, you utilize a digital angle finder to measure your angle and add degrees to accommodate this.

Cutting Baseboard Around Bullnose Corners

I prefer fixing things on my own as I get to learn many things in the process.

You might do a few mistakes but you can take that as a learning experience.

The trick about cutting baseboard around corners is that you need to be careful and take the right measurements or else you will end up ruining everything.

While making your marks, ensure that they are visible.

This way, your work will be made easier and you will save a lot of time.

Remember that not all walls are equal.

Some wall corners are 91 degrees while others are 89 degrees.

I wish you all the best as you try to cut baseboard around bullnose corners.