How to Design an Extra Small Master Bedroom

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My primary bedroom is not large; I had to get creative to make it look like a master suite. A few design tricks will make you live large in a small bedroom.

If your room has been feeling staffed lately, it’s time to think outside the best and make things better. You should find ways to maximize your limited space.

Today I will give you some design ideas to help you get started.

Step 1: Add a Lot of Built-Ins

Built-ins save a lot of space and provide extra storage. Consider adding drawers under the bed; it will help you avoid clutter around the room.

You can stash all the things lying around in the drawers. There will be a dramatic change inside the room after you tidy up a little bit.

A small bedroom means a small closet. Designing the room will be hard if you don’t have enough storage to store your clothes and shoes.

If built-ins are not an option, look for small bookcases that fit in the available space. The first trick is always finding extra storage around the room.

Step 2: Emphasize Heights

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, take full advantage. You can make the small bedroom look bigger when you get a tall bed.

It will anchor the room and emphasize the height, deviating attention from the tiny space. A wooden four-poster bed commands too much attention.

Before you get such a bed, examine the room features first. You don’t want to steal all the attention from the bedroom’s good features.

Ensure you are not overdoing it with the bed. Instead of a tall bed, you can highlight other incredible features in the bedroom.

Step 3: Choose Your Colours Wisely

Cool colours can have an enlarging effect by making the walls recede. Warm colours make the bedroom feel very cosy.

You can decide to be bold and go for bright colours. Match the colours with bold furnishings as well if you have decided to go all out.

According to most interior designers, oversized furniture and adding drama with colours can make the room look spacious. Embrace your room and go with super-dramatic colours.

Your eyes will be on the walls and the furniture rather than think about the constraints in the room. However, if you choose to go with bold colours, keep the bed accessories simple.

Being bold doesn’t mean you have to include all the colours in one room. You can pick two or three attention-grabbing colours and use them.

Step 4: Hang a Chandelier

Adding lights might be a good idea if you have a traditional bed with a footboard and headboard. Consider hanging a chandelier because it emphasizes the high ceiling, and it’s an incredible decorating piece.

Pick a ceiling fixture that is big enough to leave an impact. Your room will immediately look different and very classy, especially at night.

It’s the simple adjustments that go a long way. Fixing a chandelier can be done in an afternoon when you get the best contractor, or you can do it yourself if you have the skills.

Step 5: Work a Vintage Vibe

You can easily work a vintage vibe into a small bedroom. Find vintage pieces like paintings, beddings, or rugs and place them in the room.

Changing the room’s design might be the best way to make the small space more functional. A vintage footboard or antique vase can shift the room’s vibe.

You can also choose to focus on the wall rather than the bed. You can add bold wallpaper or change the paint to fit the new design.

Step 6: Change The Bed’s Angle

You can create drama by placing the bed diagonal instead of the usual way. Try all angles until you find what works in the small bedroom.

You can quickly increase the visual space by changing how the bed looks. It may not add extra space, but it’s a dramatic move that steals attention.

Most people in studio apartments use this trick to design small spaces. You can also add privacy screens around the bed if the space allows.

However, screens can take extra space, so forget about the screens if the room is very congested. But ensure you utilize every inch of the room as efficiently as possible.


There are many ways to maximize a small room by making a few design tweaks. These are six steps to follow if you want to design an extra small room.

Step 1: add a lot of built-ins

Step 2: emphasize heights

Step 3: Choose your colours wisely

Step 4: hang a chandelier

Step 5: work a vintage vibe

Step 6: change the bed’s angle