Diamond Painting Storage

Finished diamond paintings are a true piece of art! I have always loved these masterpieces.

In fact, I have a few hanging in my living room.

They truly transform the living space, adding a touch of class that can be impossible to achieve with any other type of wall décor.

As a small-scale collector of diamond paintings, I have had rather unfortunate incidences with my collections.

From accidentally dropping to spilling drinks on them, the list of injustices these diamond paintings have suffered in my hands is endless!

Most of the time, I would have to do some serious patching up, but other times, throwing away the damaged diamond painting seemed like the soundest decision.

As it turns out, I could keep my masterpieces safe if I only knew how to store them!

Same as any other painting, diamond paintings require safe storage to ensure durability and maintain their quality.

Whether you bought your diamond painting or you made it yourself – which is very awesome – you need to find a way to store your diamond painting safely.

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How to Store Your Diamond Paintings

Here are a few ways to store your diamond paintings!


Yes, that is right! Framing and hanging your diamond painting is the best and safest way to keep it safe.

There is a wide range of frames in the market today, with varying sizes, colours and designs.

Therefore, you may want to measure your painting before you head into the market to buy one.

Framing a diamond painting is pretty simple with these tips. If you are lucky enough, you may find a frame that fits your diamond canvas art perfectly.

However, that is rarely the case.

It is advisable to pick a frame with a little bit smaller dimensions compared to your painting – as you can easily trim your art to fit the frame.

Store it in an Art Portfolio Case

If you have an art portfolio case, that’s all well and good, but if you don’t, then there are tons on the market today – at an affordable price too!

These cases are suitable for keeping your diamond canvas art safe as they are designed to protect delicate and valuable pieces of art.

When shopping for an art portfolio case, ensure you find one that can hold most of your paintings.

If you are a seasoned collector like me, then the case might have to be big. Perhaps you might have to buy several!

Luckily, art portfolio cases come in different sizes, colours and styles. So, there is something for everyone.

Place Your Painting in a Cardboard Box

Do you have any cardboard boxes lying around the house?

If not, then you can always run to your nearest store and find a perfectly sized one for a few excess coins.

With varied sizes, you can find something well suited for your diamond painting.

Cardboard boxes can come in handy if you have to store your extra diamond painting tools.

You can also decorate the boxes if you want them to match their content.

Once you place your diamond canvas art in the box, ensure you find a suitable place to store it for safety.

Storing Your Diamond Paintings

It is essential to store your diamond paintings to protect them against dirt and damages.

Framing the diamond canvas art is probably the best way to store it, especially if you want to hang it as wall décor.

However, using an art portfolio case or a repurposed cardboard box is a better option if you do not intend on displaying the diamond painting.