10 Diamond Painting Tips

Diamond painting is an addictive and exciting hobby that offers gratification, provided you do it correctly.

It can consume a lot of time and money to finish a single art, and that’s why you need to incorporate some essential tips and tricks.

Here are the best diamond painting tips and tricks you need to consider:

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1. Pick a Desirable Kit

While choosing a kit seems straightforward, you should opt for something you can look at for prolonged periods.

Go for a fun kit that will not bore you over its use because you will closely work with the piece.

Luckily, the market has a wide variety of designs to pick from, so you will never have a hard time choosing the best.

If you are new to diamond painting, please avoid choosing a big piece (and know that you can get custom made diamond paintings).


. Ensure the Workspace is Tidy

It will help if you clean your workspace before taking a break.

Wrap the applicator tool with some plastics and keep the wax caddy covered and closed to extend their lives.

Regularly clean the applicator tool because a fresh wax reduces the chances of having dust and lint on the art.

3. Fix the Adhesive Layer

You don’t have to worry when you skin the top layer of canvas and find out it lacks the adhesive layer.

Usually, this shows the glue has failed to drip down the canvas and instead sticks on the top.

The ideal solution here requires you to cover it again and use a roller or brayer to press down the canvas.

Afterwards, peel off a different side of the canvas where the layer might be stuck to the bottom.

4. Light Up the Canvas

If you want to have an easy time distinguishing the dark colours, consider having sufficient light concentrated on the canvas.

You can either use a foldable lamp or a portable light source that easily slips under the canvas.

5. Use a Toothpick

Although the setter tool works perfectly, having a toothpick is helpful when it comes to pushing wayward crystals back into their positions.

Still, you can use it to pick dropped crystals.

6. Combat Static with Dryer Sheets

Since the drills are lightweight and are designed from resin, they tend to stick together.

So, cut small sections of dryer sheets to wrap the diamonds for good storage. This way, they will not stick.

7. Keep Diamonds in Resealable Containers

Plastic resealable jars or bags come in handy when storing diamonds. You can also use a tackle box.

8. Fix Damaged Canvases with Baby Wipes

If you drop a piece of paper on the canvas, use baby wipes to dampen the section and then rub the filth.

Wait for a few minutes for the canvas to dry before finalising your project.

9. Use Two Trays to Break up Diamond Clumps

Use two diamond trays to separate diamonds that might be stuck together.

Should you find it hard to separate the diamonds, rub the trays back and forth until you hear a POP sound.

10. Label all Items

It’s sensible to label your containers with the corresponding symbol or their colour numbers.

Enjoy My Tips For Diamond Painting

If you are a diamond painting fanatic, I hope these tricks and tips will be of significant help to you.

I love the relaxing and meditative experience as I spend time redesigning the template designs, and I hope you will enjoy it too.