How To Build A DIY White and Copper Dresser

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I spend much of my time with the family to improve various elements of our home. My kids always have great ideas that I love to share. When you get to do it yourself, there is much pride in the outcome of your work.

As a lover of easy-to-do DIY hacks for home improvement, I will guide you on how to make your own white and copper dresser.

I am sure it is of much interest to you. You are in for a great lesson so I advise you to buckle up and join in on the fun.

Step by step guide on building a DIY white and copper dresser

Step 1:

First off, the procedure kicks off by disassembling the whole piece of furniture. You can do this with the help of your partner and kids to save on time. It will help you in getting all the parts fixed and or transformed.

Step 2:

Once you have disassembled the whole furniture, you can now go ahead and place the dresser in a space that allows for thorough cleaning.

Step 3:

Make sure you thoroughly clean all the dresser parts to remove any previous varnish and dirt. Cleaning is an essential part of many DIY projects and this is no exception.

Step 4:

After cleaning, sand the dresser to ensure there are no visible cracks. Sanding also allows the paint to sip into the dresser easily.

Step 5:

After sanding, you can now add the first layer of primer. It is to prepare the surface for painting.

Step 6:

Allow for the first layer of primer to dry. Once the primer dries, sand lightly over the dresser. You then follow this with the second coat of primer.

Step 7:

For crazy effects, you can consider adding textured wallpapers on the drawers or adding patterns directly. It includes additions such as stripes, stipples and so much more.

Step 8:

Moreso, you can opt to get wood stain paint to add more colorful effects to the dresser. Wood stain is also good for contrast purposes.

The wood stain usually varies from the lightest to the darkest shades so you can choose whichever shade that suits you.

Step 9:

Be sure to build the drawer fronts with ¾ inch wooden trims to give the dresser a reasonable outlook.

Step 10:

If by any chance, you would like to add features such as wood leg brackets, this is the time to consider putting such modifications.

Step 11:

As you build, you can consider adding or customizing the available wooden handles.

For instance, you can cut them in half to bring a bit more diversity. It will have a significant impact on the outlook of your dresser.

Step 12:

After the drawer is well built and prepared, you can now paint. For me, it is the most fun part as I engage my kids as well.

The type of paint you use is critical. Make sure you get silk vinyl paints. They tend to last longer over a longer period.

Make sure to get a coat to avoid messing up your clothes.

The initial layers can be first painted by hand using brushes and rollers. Rollers are my preferred option as I can also get to use them for areas with large surface areas.

You can opt to use white as the background color which really lights up and add copper on the drawers to bring out the contrast.

Using copper paint as the background color is also an option to consider. It still provides a beautiful outlook.

Step 13:

You will need to add several layers of paint to ensure it holds on perfectly to the drawer.

As you continue adding more layers of paint to the dresser, you notice the huge change that will be quite vibrant to the eye.

Step 14:

There are always those parts and spaces that you cannot reach with rollers or hand brushes. In this case, use spray paints that also act as highlights to bring out the perfect look.

Step 15:

After the painting is complete and dries up, you can paint layers of varnish which will transform the whole dresser and give it a fresh new look.


From the above, you can see that it is easy to build your own DIY white and copper dresser. The following are the steps to take:

  • Disassemble the whole furniture
  • Cleaning the dresser
  • Sanding
  • Priming
  • Vanish

These steps assist you in making a beautiful dresser that will serve you and your family for a long time.