Does Diamond Painting Therapy Work?

I love spending quality time with my babies, but it can be challenging to find the right balance between our busy schedules.

Thankfully, I found a few fun ways for us all to spend quality bonding and personal-development time together- through diamond painting.

Diamond Painting is a craft hobby that’s the perfect mix between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch.

Thousands of tiny resin diamonds are applied to an adhesive canvas to create dazzling diamond art.

It’s also suggested by various scientific study showing that art can be therapeutic. 

If you want to experience the same therapeutic effect of Diamond Painting that I do, here is a step-by-step guide for beginners.

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How To Start Diamond Painting Therapy

1. Unpack all items from the package

After you purchase the Diamond Painting Kit, you will find a pre-printed canvas, pen (applicator), wax pad, set of diamonds, tray, and tweezers.

You will use these items for the painting procedure.

2. Layout the canvas on a clean workstation

The workstation must be flat. It can be a dining room table or even a study table.
The canvas is a chart with your diamonds labelled with numbers corresponding to symbols.

You will need to match the colour of the diamond to a symbol, place them accordingly.

3. Choose a colour and symbol.

In this step, you must pour out the diamonds into the tray and shake them back and forth, do it gently.

Then proceed to select which part of the canvas you wish to start painting.

4. Apply wax to the Diamond Pen’s tip

In this step, peel off the plastic film on the wax pads and apply just a tiny amount of the wax to the diamond pen.

That will cause it to act as a diamond magnet.

5. Position each diamond to a corresponding square on the canvas

Each of the coloured diamonds should correspond to a specific character on the canvas.

You can determine which symbol corresponds to which colour by checking the legend provided.

6. Repeat the process

You must repeat the above process across the canvas until it is filled with shimmering diamonds.

You can do this with friends or family, and you will realize a therapeutic feel after completing the action.

If you want the painting to last longer, you should consider sealing it and display it.

Therapeutic benefits of diamond painting

Psychologists have found that creating paintings and other artworks is a therapeutic technique for reducing stress.

This sense of accomplishment can help ease anxious feelings in people with PTSD, anxiety disorders, or emotional difficulties more generally.

Diamond painting is a therapeutic hobby that physicians strongly recommend.

Below are its surprising benefits you should know about;

1. Reducing stress and anxiet

it is considered a mindfulness-based art therapy that helps out when you meditate.

2. Stimulates creativity

it provides a healthy DIY environment that will get those creative juices flowing.

3. Improves motor skills

Diamond Painting will improve physical motor skills by increasing hand and eye coordination.

4. Boosts your confidence

after reading the instructions provided above, anyone can become an artist in no time.

That will undoubtedly improve your artistic confidence.

5. You can join a community

where you can meet other like-minded individuals with whom you can socialize.

Does Diamond Painting Therapy Work?

Yes, in my experience it can work as diamond painting is a fun way to relax and destress.

Also, according to DiamondPaintingTherapy it can reduce anxiety and stress.

A scientific study shows art therapy can be very effective in anxious adults. 

The PrioryGroup suggest it can help with everything from stress to eating disorders and depression.

And PsychologyToday that it helps people put their mental state into images and words. 

It’s also perfect for kids! If you want more information on how to do diamond painting or its therapeutic benefits, we have all the info you need in this guide.

Now go enjoy some time with family and friends by trying it yourself.