Does Flooring Go Under or Over Baseboard?

DIY work is a great way to spend time and gain experience rather than calling professionals every time to complete a job for you.

I find passion in fixing things with my hands at home.

Age, my children nor marriage have never stopped me from learning and solving issues in my house.

The other day I was repairing the floor and fixing the baseboard. I decided to create this blog to help a friend wondering whether the flooring goes under or over the baseboard.

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Installing flooring after baseboard

The reason for installing the baseboard above the flooring is to achieve a neat finishing (but what about installing baseboard before or after carpet?).

The main argument for installing baseboard first is to make work easier for painting and the flooring goes under the baseboard (see the different styles)

Placing the baseboard above the flooring helps to also protect the wall from damage and dirt.

If you intend to place the baseboard above the flooring (also consider if you’ll tile the baseboard), you should install it at the same height; use a level to maintain the same spacing as the flooring may differ in length to the wall.

Nail the baseboard onto the wall and not to the floor.

When you complete installing the baseboard, there is no need to tape down flooring for protection.

After completion, you will see some spacing between the base board and flooring; you will have to use a quarter round to smoothen the transition.

Finish by painting to match the baseboard.

If you are to remodel the floor, you will first remove the baseboard to repair the flooring.

In cases where the baseboard has worn out, it is better to replace it so that you don’t have to do repairs every time.

Installing the flooring before baseboard

Installing the flooring first depends on what floor you are using. For tiles, you should first install them before putting the baseboard.

Another factor to put into consideration is where you will have to paint the baseboard.

The major reason why we use baseboard is to help hide the edges of the floor.

You may ask a professional about the type of flooring you are using and be advised on the best approach.

Does Flooring Go Over or Under The Baseboard?

Most people argue that it is not logical to first to install the baseboard.

The fact is that flooring goes under the baseboard when you install the baseboard first to have a neat finishing.

However, there should be a space left between the flooring and baseboard for future expansion.

It also helps to reduce moisture from getting to the drywall.

It does not matter if you install the baseboard before or after the flooring.