Dremel Laser Cutter Vs Glowforge

Dremel and Glowforge are among the most prominent brands in the trade of laser cutters.

These two brands dominate the market because their devices possess top-notch and competitive features.

Therefore, these elements make the laser cutters very effective and highly sought after.

Both devices are powerful and are of great quality.

On top of this, they are quite versatile, with the capability of being efficient for various projects either around the home or for industrial purposes.

For the two remarkable appliances, we will make an in-depth review, including their features, pros, and cons.

We will also look at the distinction between Dremel Laser Cuter vs Glowforge devices and eventually make a recommendation of the preferred device.

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1) Dremel Laser Cutter


Software: Dremel

Technology: Laser tube, CO2

Cooling structure: Exterior water-cooling structure

Power: 40 Watts


  1. It is enabled to penetrate different kinds of matter and can also inscribe metal.
  2. It has a significant degree of precision when inscribing and cutting.
  3. It is very effortless to operate, because of its touchpad configuration.
  4. It is safe to operate since it has elements such as a chilling and ventilation structure.
  5. It does not require the internet for it to function. This wireless functionality feature brings the appliances to be convenient to operate1.


  1. This device is quite costly. As a result, the price is not pocket-friendly enough for all potential buyers.
  2. The exterior chilling system is sizeable and takes up a quantifiable amount of space.
  3. The appliance’s working table is quite fragile and can therefore get damaged easily.

2) Glowforge


Software: Cloud-built Glowforge

Technology: Laser tube, CO2

Cooling structure: Internal and locked loop water system

Power: 45 Watts


  1. It scans sketches into the cutting that should be made.
  2. 3It has an amazing pattern catalog at one’s disposal.
  3. This appliance is very intuitive and simple to operate.


  1. The appliance constantly needs an internet connection to operate. It lacks a wireless operation option.
  2. This device lacks an LCD screen.

Differences between Glowforge vs Dremel

Below are some principal distinctions between the devices:

  1. The Dremel device is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories, unlike the Glowforge one.
  2. The program that runs the Dremel device is simply managed from the appliance while offline, while the Glowforge program needs internet access.
  3. The Dremel device is comprised of a touch-pad configuration. However, the Glowforge device is only operated from a computer, since it lacks a console screen.
  4. There is modularity in the laser tube structure of the Dremel device, which renders it undemanding to replace the tube.

    The Glowforge device runs on a laser tube technology as well but replacing it is complicated and requires assistance from service personnel.

The similarities between

Dremel vs Glowforge

  1. The two devices have programs that are in tune with the android, windows, and IOS systems of operation.
  2. The appliances have magnificent results when inscribing or making cuts. Their work is clean and precise.

Dremel Laser Cuter vs Glowforge, which one is better?

The two laser cutters have great features and using either of them for any project leads to incredible results.

Each has some specific elements that the other device lacks, therefore making each of the laser cutters have a particular upper edge compared to the other.

However, the Dremel Laser Cutter is the preferred choice. Compared to Glowforge, the Dremel device has better functionality and is more convenient to use.