9 Essential Baseboard Tools

Baseboard installation covers multiple preparations like planning, measuring, cutting, fine-tuning, installation, painting, caulking, and many others.

In this post, I will review the must-have baseboard tools.

Listed below are the top baseboard tools you require for a successful baseboard installation.

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1. Measuring Tape

A tape measure gives you incredible functionality and agility when measuring the walls and baseboards.

Although a measuring laser is accurate and convenient, it cannot work in tight corners.

Still, it cannot double-check your board’s length.

2. A Bullnose Corner Gauge

This tool simplifies trim installation around bullnose, rounded corners.

It creates marks on the baseboard or wall for clean mitre cuts around the bullnose corners.

In my opinion, you need to have this tool if you have over three bullnose corners in your project.

3. Carpenter’s Pencil

Although you can substitute this tool with other pens, nothing exceeds the benefits offered by a carpenter’s pencil.

You can also use any other pencil.

You will use a pencil to apply marks and measurements on the studs, baseboards, walls or even make notes and calculations.

Before you start any carpentry project, ensure you have a piece of paper and pencil.

4. Compound Mitre Saw

A compound mitre saw is one of the essential baseboard cutting tools.

Other mitre saws you can use include sliding mitre saw, chop saw, and dual compound mitre saw.

Merely put, a mitre is a joint between two wood pieces.

As you install your baseboard, you will have several mitres for outside corners, inside corners, 135-degree angles, and bullnose corners.

As a result, you need a compound mitre saw to perform all the standard and tricky cuts.

The other types of mitre saws described above are perfect for wide or tall baseboards.

5. Coping Saw

A coping saw is intended to assist you to cope baseboards to provide a seamless and pleasant transition.

You will require it when coping baseboard with shapes, profiles and curvature.

Remember that carpenters use a combination of mitre saw, sanding paper and files to get a perfect cope.

Coping entails creating cuts or a couple of cuts to create a beautiful profile shape on the baseboard.

6. Sandpaper

You will use sanding paper at some time in your project. It cleans up the mitre cuts, fixes loose baseboard fragments and snags to prepare the pieces for painting.

7. Nailset

Nailsets come in handy if you plan to use a hammer to install the baseboard nails.

In general, nail sets will help you set the nails beneath the surface of the baseboard, so you can stain, paint or cover them.

Still, you can use them with air nailers when things get out of hand.

It’s worth noting they are available in different sizes based on your nail head’s size.

8. Hammer

A hammer is a must-have tool when installing baseboards.

It can help you install or remove baseboards.

The other thing is you can use it to hammer in nails that fail to get into the wall properly or pry baseboards from the wall.

Hammers might also be helpful in temporary scenarios like striking away the excess drywall.

9. Caulking Gun

Ideally, you will have a small gap between the wall and the installed baseboard.

Based on how large or small the hole is, it will help if you apply a bead of caulk in the space.

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  • 【Eximious Steel】 The trim puller tool is made of 3.2mm thick high-strength martensitic stainless steel, with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, durability and strong fatigue resistance. Baseboard removal tool can still maintain good performance under long-term heavy blows, and it is not easy to deform or crack.
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Milescraft Inc. 8402 AngleFinder
  • Retractable edge guides for layout
  • Finds angles between two points on inside or outside corners
  • Angle divider for easy miter saw setup
  • Notches for holding bar clamps upright when framing
  • Used for transferring and replicating marks and angles accurately- does not provide exact angle as measurement
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  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - The 21-63 inch adjustable handle helps you reach up high to crown molding, across door casings, and down to baseboards without a ladder or bending over. save your knees and back.
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  • USE WET OR DRY - Use it dry for everyday cleaning, or use it wet to get off stubborn grime. The microfiber pads can tackle just about any surface they can reach, from banisters,window trim, fireplace mantles, and much more.
  • REUSABLE MOP PADS - Comes with 3 microfiber pads and 3 coral velvet pads. Unlike disposable wipes, these fiber pads can be machine washed and reusable!
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3/4'' Bullnose Corner Gauge - Bend Tool Co.
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Baseboard Cleaner Tool with Handle 5 Reusable Cloths. Use for Bathroom, Kitchen and The Whole House! for Cleaning skirting Boards with Napkins and Long Handles. Retractable Microfiber Cleaning Handle
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  • 【Long But Sturdy】Our baseboard cleaner tool are made of sturdy steel and plastic, which has white surface and pole in 2cm diameter. Baseboard cleaner tool could adjust from 20 to 57.5 inches, which is allowed to be used in different scenes. The fiber and chenille pad size should be 6.1x8.2 inches. The baseboard cleaning mop head size should be 7.8x4.8 inches. The length of inner connecting parts of the pole should be 2.5 inches, which makes the handle stay more stable and not loosen while using.
  • 【Featured By 4 Points】Firstly, the baseboard cleaner tool was featured by convex part on the bottom of mop head, so you could clean the baseboard or upper door frame easily. Secondly, four washable cleaning mop pads for replacements that have strong water absorption. Thirdly, 360 degree swivel design makes our baseboard mop easy to clean any corners instead of having to stand directly or bending over. Lastly, the hand grip on the pole will fit your hands well for concave finger design.
  • 【What's More】There is a hole at the end of baseboard cleaning mop pole, so you could hang it. The height of convex part should be reasonable and suitable for all most of baseboards. Four mop head pads are enough for replacements because they are washable and reusable. Convex part design will make the combination between flat mop and baseboard mop come true, which will provide more choices about household cleaning tool.
  • 【Multifunctional and Widely Applicable】Our mop with long handle could be the short cleaning duster for table and mirror cleaning. And also, Our mop could be the flat mop to clean floors, cars, vaulted ceilings, walls. Our mop could be the long mop to clean the baseboards, door upper frames, windows, blinds, corners. Our baseboard mop is perfect for house wife, the elderly and disabled.
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Baseboard Cleaner Tool with Handle, Baseboard Cleaner with Extendable Long Handle, 4 Reusable Cleaning Pads Wall Cleaner for Baseboards Cleaning, Ceiling, Wall, Floor, Shower Bathroom Kitchen
  • 【Baseboard Cleaner】 The wall cleaning tool comes with 4 Replaceable Cleaning Pads: 2 Microfiber Pads & 2 Chenille Pads for flat wall cleaning and baseboard cleaning, and all cleaning pads can be easily changed at any time according to your cleaning needs due to the paste design.
  • 【Perfect Shape Design】 The flexible Head Design of baseboard cleaner tool conforms to any baseboard or door molding, especially cleaning the corner.
  • 【360°Rotation】 360 degree Swivel Design makes our baseboard duster easy to clean any corners instead of having to stand directly or bending over. More convenient especially for those having back, knee issues, pivot for cleaning at different angles.
  • 【Baseboard Cleaner Tool with Long Handle】 The extendable stainless steel handle length can be adjusted from 28.5", 39” to 49" without bending or climbing. After the upgrade, the inner connecting parts of the pole are 2.75”, which makes the handle stay more stable and not loosen while cleaning. Release your back, no more bending, stretching, kneeling or crouching.
  • 【Widely Applicable Cleaning Tools】 A nice household cleaning gift for family or friends. Cleaning tool for baseboards is great for cleaning baseboards, walls, ceilings, cars, door or window trim cleaner, from chair rails, banisters, fireplace mantles, and much more other hard-to-reach corners.

So, What Are The Essential Tools For Installing Baseboards?

Here are the 9 required baseboard tools

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Bullnose Corner Gauge
  3. Carpenters Pencil
  4. Compound Metre Saw
  5. Coping Saw
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Hammer
  8. Caulking Gun

When it comes to essential baseboard tools, you should stay away from tools you cannot efficiently operate.

Some tools are dangerous, and using them with minimal experience can lead to deadly injuries.

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