6 Essential Diamond Painting Tools

Most diamond painting kits incorporate the standard supplies of a diamond tray, wax and applicator tool.


There are other tools you might need to add to your collection as described below.

Let me cover the essential tools for diamond painting

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1. Pens and Drills

An applicator pen is a primary tool you require for diamond painting.

Diamond art pens are available in two types: wax pens and drill pens.

Wax pens – they directly apply wax to the diamond piece. Using this pen is fast because you only need to sharpen it when it starts to run low on wax.

Drill pens – they are the most common and are present in virtually all diamond painting kits. This pen requires you to dip it into glue or wax and pick up the diamond.

Drill wheel pick-up pens – these come with an adhesive wheel on one end to let you quickly grasp diamonds by rolling them across the tray.

2. Glue and Wax

As I said earlier, most diamond kits in the market include adhesive, such as glue and wax.

It wouldn’t be helpful of you to buy a kit that lacks the basic tools required for diamond art painting.

All in all, you may get into situations where you need to get some additional glue.

By using your pen’s hollow nib, you need to scoop up the adhesive followed by the diamond drill.

This way, you will effortlessly transfer the coloured gem to its desired position without dropping.

3. Light Pads

A light pad is another incredible tool your need to possess for a successful diamond painting task.

It illuminates all diamonds from underneath to make a stunning display, but this can reduce your eye strain.

These light pads help you in placing the diamond pieces in their respective spots (and your diamond painting can be sealed later).

In the process, you significantly lower mistakes and accidents.

When buying light pads, remember they can be rechargeable or battery-operated.

4. Easels and Craft Tables

It’s essential to have easels and craft tables to have the best diamond art painting studio.

However, you need to consider the following features from your tools:

Height adjustable or angled – pick a craft table comprising the angled position to enjoy a comfy working position. Similarly, choosing an adjustable height is advisable.

Storage compartments – these features are valuable because they safely store your pens and beads away from children and pets.

Transparent surface – choose a glass craft table because it can double up as a vast light pad.

5. A Foldable Magnifier

Like any other task that demands eye-hand coordination, you will have a clear scope as you work on your diamond piece by having a magnifier.

A foldable magnifier is ideal for far-sighted individuals and those who have challenges seeing tiny parts.

Above all, consider having a magnifying glass that embraces LED lighting.

6. Frames

You might need to frame your diamond art after finalising it. Fortunately, framing it is effortless, and you only a couple of steps.

The frames you can use include: standard-size frames and stretcher bar frames.

What Are The Essential Tools For Diamond Painting?

The essential diamond painting tools are…

  1. Pens and drills
  2. Glue and Wax
  3. Light Pads
  4. Easels and Craft Tables
  5. Magnifier
  6. Frames

As you have seen above, numerous tools can make your diamond painting career fun and interesting.

You only need to have well-suited tools and accessories.

I hope this post was valuable to you and that you have grasped new things about the best tools for diamond art painting.