Farmhouse Décor Items You Can Make On A Budget

When it comes to home decor, there are certain words that I love to hear….

Simple, stylish, and budget-friendly are some of my favourites.

And when it comes to farmhouse decor, we can get manage to achieve all of these.

Here’s farmhouse decor you can make on a budget

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Rustic Shelves

Rustic shelves are a great place to start. All you need are scraps of wood and some brackets, and you can have farmhouse shelves all over your house.

Farmhouse Kichen Racks

A black wire rack with hooks makes an ideal kitchen accessory. You can hang all of your cooking utensils and free up counter space.

Rustic Potted plant Holder

You can use the same idea and make a potted plant holder from a black wire rack. Use clay pots to get the most authentic results.

Metal Wall clock

A metal wall clock with a black frame looks amazing on a blank wall. Aim for a white wall as your background or one with a neutral colour.

Rustic Picture Frame

I had lots of scraps of wood and they make for a perfect picture frame. The best part of making rustic things is you don’t have to be perfect.

Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf

Using the same idea for the rustic shelves, you can make it multi-purpose by one simple addition. Attach a black wire hook beneath the shelf for toilet paper. Place a potted plant or potpourri on the shelf.

Wooden Table Tray

A wooden tray can be incredibly decorative. Place one on a table and use it to store books or things in your hallway that just don’t have a place for.

Key Stand

A black wire rack is also a great addition to your hallway. Use it to keep your keys and small items in a convenient place and off of the table.

Message Board

Take a chalkboard and create a wooden frame for it out of wood scraps. The black background accentuates the wood, and you have a rustic message board.

Coffee Cup Holder

Use an old pallet as the base for a cup holder. Attach small black rings to hold the cups. As always, it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good.

Framed Photo Holder

If you are like me and have favourite photos that you like to leave on tables and counters, make a simple frame. Some tree branches make a simple and elegant frame that makes your photos look stunning.

Wooden Fruit Bowl

An old wooden crate can make a really tasteful fruit stand. Simply get it to the right size and place it in the center of your table.

Wooden Condiment Holder

If you have a smaller crate, you can make it a condiment holder. Attach a handle so you can keep it on your worktop and deliver it to the table when needed.

Wooden Plant Holder

If you have a bigger sized crate, you can easily turn it into a plant holder. Choose plants that tend to overflow for the best look. you can hang it, or leave it on a tabletop.

Tin Plant Holder

I love using old tins as plant holders. You can place a pot into the tin or put the plant and soil directly in the tin. Hang it where there is light for the best effect.

Metal Hanging Baskets

If you find cheap metal baskets, you can also use them for hanging plants. Once you size and hang them, make sure to take the plants down before you water them.

Painted Bottle Vases

You can paint old jars or bottles and they make simple vases. You can add real or artificial flowers and place them on shelves.

How to Get Started?

As you can see, there are so many simple ideas that you can use to make cheap farmhouse decor.

Remember, it doesn’t need to come out perfect when you’re looking for a rustic look. I have made so many little farmhouse projects over the last while, and they are all fun and easy. I hope this list of my projects helps inspire you.

Making Farmhouse Décor On A Budget

Here’s the farmhouse decor you can make on a budget….

  • Rustic Shelves
  • Farmhouse Kichen Racks
  • Rustic Potted plant Holder
  • Metal Wall Clock
  • Rustic Picture Frame
  • Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf
  • Wooden Table Tray
  • Key Stand
  • Message Board
  • Coffee Cup Holder
  • Framed Photo Holder
  • Wooden Fruit Bowl
  • Wooden Condiment Holder
  • Wooden Plant Holder
  • Tin Plant Holder
  • Metal Hanging Baskets
  • Painted Bottle Vases