How to Make a Budget Farmhouse Lights

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Are you looking to make a statement in your home? Well, very few things do that as well as a change in lighting. Farmhouse lighting upgrades will always create a beautiful statement for your space.

Today I want us to take a deep dive into the world of lighting. I will give you all my favorite lights while trying to ensure that none of them break the bank.

Hopefully, in the end, we will have something as good for your wallet as it is for your house.

I have been shying away from the farmhouse look. Initially, I couldn’t understand why, but after a lot of soul searching, I realized that it had nothing to do with the lifestyle itself.

The problem was that farmhouse styling was too popular. I have never been the one to ride on trends, and this has gone as far as ignoring something that I would enjoy greatly just because it was too popular at the moment.

Truth be told, I almost talked myself out of trying the farmhouse look, and now as I write this article, I thank God that I didn’t.  

Looking back at it, I think that I was always destined to go in this direction. Considering all the farmhouse-style furniture in my house, I’m surprised it took me this long to decide.

Here are some ways you can have budget farmhouse lighting,

1. Edison Light Fixtures

These are designs that are inspired by the Edison light style and flair which is a delicate mix of classic vintage looks with extremely modern lighting technology.

These lighting fixtures take advantage of special bulbs that can recreate the feeling of old Edison filament lighting. The light produced in these scenarios is warm and inviting making it applicable to a range of uses.

For those who are willing to go full budget, a DIY Barn Pulley light might be the way to go for you. Other options that you can check out online include:

  • Semi Flush Ceiling Light
  • Edison 7 Light Ceiling Mount Pendant

2. Vintage Style Light fixtures

A truly vintage item is at least 20 years old. As much as I would like you to look for antique objects, Vintage objects presently are more about inspiration.

In that case, Vintage Style lighting can be described as lighting that draws inspiration from the design and sometimes even material that was popular at least 20 years ago.

With a timeline this big, it is no surprise that Vintage lighting has so many forms, finishes, and materials within it.

Here are a few characteristics of vintage lighting

  • Metal shades in pastel-colored finishes
  • Simple Silhouettes
  • Glass shades in tinted, prismatic, or milky options
  • Vintage style bulbs

When looking for vintage-inspired lighting, make sure you don’t get caught up In the relic trap. This is when your space is full of antiques that have lost current relevance and freshness. As a stylist ensure that the goal is always balanced between these two worlds.

Here are a few examples of vintage-style lighting:

  • Industrial pendant light
  • Tripod floor lamp
  • Rust finish metal farmhouse pendant

Now that you know the types of inspiration for farmhouse lighting, I would like us to look at the types of farmhouse lighting available to us. This will help you narrow down your search to whatever item you like most.

A. Chandeliers

I like to think of chandeliers as statement pieces for farmhouse lighting. These pieces can be extremely versatile being able to light any room it is put in.

Chandeliers have many uses in modern lighting. Other than being functional light, chandeliers can be used to accommodate space in huge rooms ensuring that the eyes are always drawn upwards.

B. Pendants

Pendant lights are very similar to chandeliers in the sense that they hang down from the ceiling.

The main difference from chandeliers however is that chandeliers tend to have multiple bulbs branching out from one single light while pendant lights have much fewer bulbs (in most cases just one).

Pendant lights work well together, so don’t be afraid to have two or three in your kitchen. You can have one right in the middle of your kitchen ceiling, while another hangs right on top of your ceiling.

C. Flush Mounts

These beautiful lights differ from the previous two in that they don’t hang as far down. Flush mounts usually appear much closer to the ceiling and are mainly used as ambient light.

They work great in small spaces where two or three of them can be controlled by one light switch.

D. Wall Sconces

E. Fan Lights

F. Table lamps

G. Floor lamps


Lighting is an essential aspect of style for any space that we are trying to enhance. Farmhouse lighting in this case will elevate your room and bring out a nice country flavor to your space.

Here are two places where you can seek inspiration:

1. Edison Style Fixtures

2. Vintage Style Fixtures

Those looking to narrow down their search to individual pieces can check out these types of lights that immediately bring out farmhouse lighting:

1.       Chandeliers

2.       Pendant Lights

3.       Flush Mounts

4.       Wall Sconces

5.       Fan Lights

6.       Table Lamps

7.       Floor Lamps