8 Farmhouse Living Room Items And Where to Buy Them

I have been getting questions of late about Farmhouse living.

Specifically about what I would items I would advise someone to buy who wants to decorate their living rooms using farmhouse decor.

I gave this a lot of thought and came up with a few items that you can incorporate. Into your space in addition to that, I will give you a recommendation of where you can purchase these items.

Farmhouse living has always been about bringing the past into the present while adding your modern touch to it.

This made it a preferred choice for many homeowners due to its affordability and the ease with which it can be accessed.

Here are some farmhouse living room items you can incorporate into your home below…

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1. Hand Painted Vase

To give it a more personal touch I would advise taking this as a project.

I made a promise when this year started that I and my kids were going to start doing more things together.

One of the things that we took up was pottery.

I saw that it was a good balance of technical and fun. MY kids took it up well and our first project was to make vases for our houses.

We looked up pictures on the internet and set out on making them.

Our goal was to have a living room vase where we can place greenery to give our living room a more outdoorsy feel.

Where to buy:

Although we failed miserably, we resorted to painting a vase that I bought at Etsy.

Which is an online store that offers free delivery on select products all over the UK.

2. A coffee table tray

I have found that a coffee table tray is essential in my household at this point.

Apart from it being a beauty item in the overall décor sense, these trays can be used for a lot more.

For the longest time when my children were growing up, the coffee table has been an arena for their games, serving as a racetrack and even a dwelling place.

Now that they’re a bit grown, it has become more and more for books that I’m currently reading, placing our hand-painted vase, and house our small sculptures.

Westelm is a lovely corner of the internet where you can browse through beautiful trays.

3. Wall Clock

The majority of us who grew up in farm houses remember always telling the time by looking at the wall.

Our parents always made sure that time was a thing that can be seen go by.

In my family, bigger is always better, which is reflected by my larger-than-life-size wall clock. I would pick this as a fun piece to have in your living room.

This is because they can be customized to your liking.

Clocks can always be s different color from your walls which gives you more freedom to experiment.

You can also have another set of numerals rather than the boring normal Arabic numerals.

Where to buy:

Next.co.uk has a good catalog of wall clocks that you can check out.

4. Industrial lights

Most of my fans would be surprised by this particular choice, but relax, I can explain!

I have never been a believer of industrial lighting, never was and for the longest time, never thought I would be one. Until I saw the light, literally.

I visited another mum blogger friend of mine who gave some interesting takes that I want to pass on to you.

Maybe I might just be able to convince you too. Here they are:

She insists that industrial lighting has a place everywhere, as long as “you know when to say when”.

The best rule to take into account here is less is more.

Take time to structure your space around one beautiful piece, and you might quickly become a believer.

The UK lighting company is just the right place for anyone looking to spruce their place up. The sheer variety of their catalog is impressive.

5. Wall Art

Wall art makes a big difference in your space. Trust me no one likes staring at a blank wall. Wall art doesn’t have to be anything specific.

One cool idea for bringing that farmhouse vibe into your living room is to by having paintings of farm animals.

This makes sure that the farm life is always with you.

Wall art can also be a quote from a Holy Book, or words by a famous individual that you want to instill into your family.

Alternatively, a gallery piece could fit perfectly or even a DIY piece that you or a loved one made can take that spot.

Where to buy:

Wayfair offers a variety of interesting options for wall art if you ever find yourself needing to buy one.

8 Best Farmhouse Living Room Items & Where To Buy Them

Farmhouse décor is all about bringing aspects of farm living and sometimes even antique living into modern life.

Here are a few items that you can add to your living rooms to add a farmhouse vibe to it:

  • A hand-painted Vase
  • A coffee table tray
  • A Wall Clock
  • Industrial Lights
  • Wall art

Have fun while you’re at it!