8 Easy Farmhouse Patio Planters DIY Tips and Ideas

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Flowers are the perfect way to brighten your outdoor space, even on cloudy and gloomy days. They enhance the look of your home and its value.

If you’re a DIYer, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying farmhouse patio planters. Thanks to your creativity and innovativeness, you can create unique planters for your flowers around your farmhouse patio.

Besides saving money, you create planters that match your needs and expectations, unlike buying, where you go for pieces designed by other people without your specific needs in mind.

This article will explore the top 5 ideas you should put in mind when DIYing farmhouse patio planters to create colourful magic in your outdoor space.

Utensil Caddy Planter

Utensil caddies are not primarily designed for organising your kitchen. Unknown to most homeowners, you can turn this equipment into a planter for the flowers around your home.

The trick is filling it with flowy calibrachoa, and you can incorporate a range and feel of colour variety around the farmhouse.

The next time you think of creating a flowery charm in your outdoor space, think about what a utensil caddy can do.

If you don’t have one lying around, you can get a new and affordable one in the market for your project.

Olive Bucket Planter

Olive buckets make beautiful flower pots. If you settle for this idea, you invest in practical ways of protecting the soil from escaping via the tiny openings on the bucket. You can use these buckets as planters for a wide array of flowers, from dahlias to lavenders, among others.

Tiered Tray Planter

If your DIYing and creativity skills aren’t as developed, you should try using tiered trays as your outdoor planters. These trays are the easiest to transform into patio planters.

You can design it in different ways to match your needs and reflect your personality. For instance, you can unscrew the vertical bar that holds the piece together and then insert coconut plant liners into the basket.

The next step is to reassemble the peace, and there you have it! You only need a few minutes to transform your organisational décor into a cute planter for your patio.

You can use this formerly organisational décor for Gerbera daisies, dahlias, lobelia, and calibrachoa, among others.

If your baskets are shallow, you should consider succulents as they make excellent choices in such cases.

Vintage Crock Planters

Most people aren’t aware that they can reproduce those attractive antique crocks. You no longer have to worry about keeping your authentic antique crocks outside throughout the year.

The trick is finding a reproduction that feels and looks similar to the original ones. It is one of the simplest farmhouse planter ideas that you should try out.

The planter is ideal for people looking for a vintage look for their outdoor space. Daisies are the perfect option for this patio planter idea and style.

DIY Address Post Planter

Besides being a great DIY patio planter idea, a DIY address post planter is also one of the easiest. The planter will also make a significant impact near the driveway.

If your packages have always been delivered to your neighbour, this is a plus for you. You don’t just enjoy an attractive outdoor space but also direct deliveries.

It is an excellent choice for lovers of lobelia and calibrachoa. To maintain a fresh look, you can regularly change your flowers throughout the year.

Vintage Toolbox Planter

The next time you see an old vintage toolbox lying around in your garage or at your friend’s, grab it! The toolbox is primarily storage for tools to most people, but to a creative DIYer like you, a toolbox can make an incredible planter for your outdoor space.

Such planters are a great addition to your patio, especially if you love plants and flowers. Besides, it also carries a perfect amount of rustic charm to your premises.

Enamelware Bowl Planter

Do you ever come across some old enamelware bowls at your local or online store, and you’re tempted to buy them? Ensure you’ve bought the next time.

The purpose of the bowls, in this case, is, however, different. Your goal is to use them as planters to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space.

Interestingly, they are better if they have a few rusty holes to ensure drainage. You don’t have to do any drilling in such cases, thanks to the holes available.

You can use the planters for succulents and a range of other plants and flowers.

Watering Can Planters

Do you have an old watering can that has been lying around? It is time to revive it for a DIY planter project for your patio. Ensure that you have drilled a few drainage holes at the bottom before putting in your favourite plants and flowers.

Creating a more attractive patio through plants and flowers doesn’t have to be costly. You can use a few things lying around your home and transform them into stunning planters for your plants and flowers.

If you don’t have any relevant pieces in your home, you can visit local junk stores, vintage stores, Craigslist, flea markets, and grandma’s garage for unlimited options.