How To Make Super Easy DIY Farmhouse Shutters

To design a comfortable and agreeable home décor, it’s paramount to consider different types of shutters you can think of or find.

Since buying shutters from the store will cost you, it is best to consider an effortless project.

For example, you might be having a couple of chairs you don’t use. These chairs will play a major role in reevaluating your home.

DIY is the best solution if you don’t want to incur any cost.

The benefit of DIY is that you can check online and see what other people have tried, or you can be creative.

I love the pink colour, and to make me feel as if I am living in a bubble gum factory, I used my chairs to make an easy DIY shutter.

I took almost an hour to style up the old chairs and paint them pink.

Since I do love imperfections in home décor, I preferred not to measure the shutters.

Here’s how to make super easy DIY farmhouse shutters

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What you need to make super easy DIY farmhouse shutters

You require certain tools to customize shutters.

In addition, you can select the colour that suits you, whether pink, white, blue, among others. When selecting the colour, it should match the home décor.

Here are the things you will need;
• Sandpaper
• Hammer
• Nails
• Screws
• Drill
• Wood
• Door hinges
• Door handles
• Measuring tape
• Pencil – to mark points after measuring on the wood.
• Wood paste/glue

To make a super easy DIY Farmhouse shutter, you must use scrap that lays around with no use.

You should consider a wood pallet, chair or even tables.

The benefit of using scrap is you will not incur any cost.

In addition, you can find pallets in hardware stores and request to use them.

A piece of sandpaper is necessary to distress the wood and make it smooth before painting.

Ways to make super easy DIY farmhouse shutters

Step 1: Measure the length and width of windows

The length of the shutters should match the length and width of your windows. For my case, my windows were 61” so I used a pallet and cut at 61” per the 8 windows.

Step 2: Cut your wood

Cut your wood to match the required length and width of each particular window.

Since there is the batten section, you have to be precise with the angles.

I struggled with this section, and I learnt a lot about angles, but eventually, it worked pretty well.

In case you might be having trouble with the angle section, you should try out this trick.

You should hold the pallet you need to cut where you want it to fit.

When the pallet is in position, use a pencil to mark where to cut, making the project easier.

Step 3: Collection of main portions

Using a drill, screw the wood pieces from the back straight down into the shutters.

I am not a fan of making screw holes, but a drill makes it easier and faster.

Besides, the drill holes can be filled with wood glue and later polished using sandpaper.

Use the screws and wood paste or glue to set up each shutter.

Step 4: Connect the trim

Line up the trim by making use of G-clamp and wood paste. A G-clamp helps to hold the wood you’re working on.

Therefore, you can work on each shutter from top to bottom.

You should first apply glue or paste on the wood and clamp until it dries. Furthermore, while driving in the nails, make sure you don’t wiggle the wood.

It’s paramount to fasten the shutter upon drying; thus, you can use either nails or screws. In case you notice some spaces between joints, make use of the wood paste to conceal them.

Step 5: Prepare to paint

Drilling screws and nails into the wood leaves holes.

Therefore, use wood filler to fill the blemishes. The use of filler will alter the colour.

Before applying paint, it’s paramount to sand the entire shutter to make sure it’s smooth.

Step 6: Paint the shutter

Make sure to paint the shutter on all sides and apply more than one coat.

Step 7: Join the shutter to the wall

To attach the shutter to the wall, you have to identify specific locations to place the hinges. Hence, you should hold your shutter up and mark the places with a pencil.

It might be exhausting to work while holding the shutter up. Place the shutter to the ground and use a hammer and nails to place hinges on the shutters.

Upon completion, hold the shutter against the wall, ready to attach. Since the walls are hard, you should use a drill and screws to attach the shutter permanently.

You can effortlessly make DIY farmhouse shutters by use of scrap wood (alternatively try making a DIY farmhouse clock). To make the shutters, you require tools such as;
• Sandpaper
• Hammer
• Drill
• Nails
• Screws
• Wood glue
• Pencil

To easily make a DIY farmhouse shutter, you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Measure the windows
Step 2: Cut your wood
Step 3: Collect the main portions
Step 4: connect the trim
Step 5: Prepare to paint
Step 6: Paint the shutter
Step 7: Connect the shutter to the wall