Where To Find Free Botanical Prints Online

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If you are a fine lover of nature and nature arts, then this article will fascinate you. The world is undergoing a lot of change and it is becoming quite easy for anyone to find information from the internet.

Therefore, it is quite an easy task if you are looking for free botanical prints online. You may be a lover of nature and art but may not have the budget for purchasing botanical arts.

However, that should not worry you because, in this article, I will prepare a list of places you can find free botanical prints online.

Online Sites you can Find Free Botanical Prints

Before I got married and had kids, I was never a fan of art, leave alone botanical prints. Even though those close to me, like my friends, were die-hard fans, they could never convince me otherwise.

My passion was in knitting and weaving. However, I once saw a drawing that my son had done of rose bushes on his bedroom wall. I instantly fell in love with it because; I never imagined he could draw something so perfect.

I asked him to draw more random pictures of plants and flowers in our garden and that is when I had a change of perception regarding botanical prints or arts.

Over the years, I have come to love and appreciate them, and whenever I find some free time, I usually try out some DIYs that I gift to my friends and family.

Therefore, this blog post purely touches on free botanical prints and where to find them. Here are some sites to look into:

1. Biodiversity Heritage Library

It is an online digital library that grants free access to its users. Its main focus is to connect art lovers with nature through prints and writings on their site.

The site has been able to upload over 100,000 images on the popular Flickr account since 2011 due to the dedication of its staff and users.

Biodiversity Heritage Library can organize their uploads into albums, thus making it easier for readers to find what they are looking for.

The good organization also contributes to the huge success that the digital library receives since it opens up its audience to a whole new world of nature.

The digital library has photos that date back from the 19th Century, which are mainly volumes of birds to a group of bat illustrations.

Biodiversity Heritage Library offers millions of vintage botanical illustrations for free to its users. Most of these botanical illustrations are from journals from different parts of the world.

Biodiversity Heritage Library gives you the chance to dive deep and discover how wildlife and plants survived before the development of intense technology.

2. Pictureboxblue

This online library has numerous collections of amazing vintage botanical illustrations free for all users. Pictureboxblue is a public domain that offers its illustration copyright-free to the users.

As a user, you do not face any restrictions when printing the pictures. You are free to use them in whichever way you see fit.

Additionally, picture box blue also offers you a tutorial on how to print the images on fabric when at home.

All you need to do is click on the image you want to download. You will then click on its title and you will receive a high-resolution image that should appear in your browser.

You’ll then save it in your hard drive and print it when it is convenient for you.

3. The Navage Patch

This is another great online store with numerous botanical illustrations since they’ve spent many years collecting vintage illustrations for their audience. The good thing with the Navage Patch is that it is also free.

The type of art they have will make them fall in love with nature and all that is in it. You will come across vintage botanical illustrations that will look good on your wall.

Bear in mind that the main aim is to find printings that will fill up big empty and intimidating walls in your living spaces.

Print some of the magnificent masterpieces they have and make a DIY frame for it. The frame can be made from wood, glass, or any other material you will decide to use.

You can be more creative with the printings and add details to them to create a different look.


Technology has made it easier for one to search for botanical illustrations and prints online without having to go through the hustle and tussle of physically searching them.

Through the different platforms, you can download images and print them later. This way, it is much easier because you will spend less money than when you buy them in different stores.

Biodiversity Heritage Library is among the top digital libraries that will serve you with pictures and illustrations from the 19th Century to date.

Therefore, you have the easiest way to create art and appreciate nature through the use of technology.