How Do Led Faucet Lights Work? (Step by Step Guide)

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As a homeowner I have always found it satisfactory to solve home issues by myself instead of looking for professional support whom have a challenge in to doing things to satisfaction.

It’s a great feeling to be able to fix your home appliances.

As people spend most of the time at home nowadays, i have been experiencing problems with breakage of house appliances.

Therefore it made me look for an alternative to do it myself by researching.

Particularly in this article you will get an explanation about LED Faucet lights and how they can change your home appearance.

Definition of an LED Faucet light

It has been no doubt that lights have made the world look beautiful especially in cities like Japan.

However, you can install some of these lights in your house to improve on house design. LED stands for light emitting diode in which it realises light through electroluminescence.

According to Wikipedia that means…

Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical phenomenon and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or to a strong electric field.

There are three factors that allow these lights to work perfectly:

  • Polarity: the connection of the positive and negative power sources.
  • Voltage: the amount of energy needed to make the light come up.
  • Current: the maximum flow of power needed before the bulbs burn out.

Installing faucet lights

I get the need to have these lights in a house. Mostly is for decorations plus it makes it look cool for children and eye appealing to guests.

These faucet lights produce a variety of colour ranging from 1 to 8 colours. This change can be random or on the basis of water temperature.

Some of the faucets come straight from the factory but if not then you can buy and fix it by yourself and here is how to do it.

1.Setting the deck plate

Install the rubber on the faucet hole on the sink and accurately place the deck on the plate. Make sure you do this with the help of manufacturer’s instructions.

2.Fit in the lines

Through the sink holes, carefully position the faucet lines.

3.Positioning hardware under the sink

Install the necessary nuts and washers underneath the sink. To get good results make sure you use trim ring installation and if you use caulk, remove the excess underneath.

4.Setting up pull-down facet

Attach a connect hose to the supply pipe then pull down the hose to attach weight on it.

5.Connecting lines

Install the water lines and make sure you use plumber tape where needed. Remember that you should not tighten the connections too much as it will mess with the whole water system supply.

6.Monitoring for leaks

Turn on the water to check for some leaks and if you get any, slowly tighten if necessary.

7.Clearing the water lines

Remove the aerator, slowly turn on the water and let it flow for some minutes to allow it clear the lines. Recheck and adjust if there are any leaks.

That’s How LED Faucet Lines Work And How To Install Them

It is easy to do an installation by yourself through the guide of manufacturer’s instructions.

Through these instructions you can go step by step for a successful installation which includes:

  • setting deck plates
  • Fitting lines
  • Positioning hardware
  • Setting up pull down facets
  • Monitoring leaks
  • Clearing water lines

From this guide it is easy to know that you do not need to call plumbers and electricians to install a simple faucet. Good luck as you install.