How Do You Tile A Baseboard?

It is my pleasure to guide you on how to tile a baseboard at your home which you can customize to suit your personal preference.

This can be a crucial skill that saves you on costs.

For starters, a baseboard is the covering of the lowest part of an interior wall.

It’s usually a vinyl board or wood that covers the joint between the wall surface and the floor.

By installing them throughout the entire household, it helps in the protection of the walls from mops and vacuums that are wet during cleaning.

Baseboards help in enhancing the home outlook as it gives off a subtle look to the floor tile design.

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Step 1: Cut the tiles

By use of a measuring tape, marks on the baseboard by use of a marker pen with your desired height.

This helps in ascertaining the measurements are accurate and precise to detail.

Afterwards, you need to cut the tiles with a tile saw from which you’ll get two boards for each floor tile.

Step two: Preparation of walls

The walls need to be cleaned to rid them of dirt, germs, and cobwebs by use of a brush or feather dust tool.

Clean up the debris with your vacuum cleaner to allow easy installation of the tiles.

Step three: Application of acrylic mastic

At the bottom part of the walls, apply acrylic mastic horizontally with a v-notch trowel.

You need to be accurate to spread the acrylic mastic within the title width.

Step four: Installation of tiles

The tiles are then installed by pressing them onto the acrylic mastic.

Put tile spacers between the baseboards and make sure the grout lines appear evenly, afterwards allow the acrylic mastic to air dry making the tiles settle in at least 24 hours.

Step five: Apply grout

After the acrylic mastic dries, remove the tile spacers and apply grout onto the grout lines between the tiles by use of a grout trowel.

Mix the grout till it has a thick consistency similar to that of peanut butter.

Wipe off excess grout with a damp sponge as you allow the grout to set for a minimum of 72 hours.

Step six: Application of grout sealer

Once the grout is set, add two to three layers of grout sealer onto it.

The sealer protects the grout from cracking and enhances durability.

So, That’s How You Tile A Baseboard

From the steps given, you can easily tile the baseboards by yourself.

Make sure to use the right materials and tools to achieve the best results.

Installing the baseboards is quite manageable as you get to follow the simple steps of cutting the tiles, prepping the walls, and applying acrylic master and grout.

From this, you get to improve the look of your home making it more stylish and sleek.

You can do this with your family members to make it more fun.