How Does Diamond Painting Work?

How does diamond painting work?

Diamond painting works where the artist makes ‘cross stitches’ using multi-coloured diamonds.

With the craft, you are able to apply resin ‘diamond’ to some adhesive canvas to create incredible artwork.

Many people claim that diamond painting helps them deal with anxiety and stress.

The resulting ‘print’ is also good to look at and suitable for your home décor.

You can do your diamond painting at home by following the steps I have listed in the section below.

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Steps For Diamond Painting To Work

1. Read the Canvas

The canvas is composed of tens of tiny boxes that are coloured. They are coloured with symbols, letters and numbers, like cross-stitches.

Each symbol corresponds to the colour that is written on the chat. This chart is usually printed on the side of the canvas.

2. Unroll and Pin Down the Canvas

Lay the canvas on a flat surface. If it does not lay flat, roll it back and tap it on a flat surface.

If you have a moveable board, use it instead of a fixed surface so that you can move about with it easily.

3. Unpack Your Items

Most canvas materials come with a plastic covering that you need to peel off.

You also need a tray where to place your diamonds for easy lifting.

Pour one colour and fix its diamonds onto the canvas before opening any other package.

You may shake the tray box gently to lift the diamonds with ease.

4. Start Affixing Diamonds on the Canvas

Use the chart to determine the diamonds that you will fix on each section of the canvas.

Then, start working from one end of the image.

Start by dipping the pen tool into your gel or wax.

Some kits come with a special wax pen that you have to sharpen for it to work.

Use the pen to pick your diamonds.

Do this by pressing the pen onto the top of the diamond and lifting it away from the holding tray.

To make the process a lot easier, place your tray of diamonds just below the canvas.

When affixing the diamonds, gently press the diamond onto the canvas.

Then, pull away the pen to leave the crystal stuck on the surface of the canvas.

Fill all the squares as per the numbers and colours stated on the chat. However, fix one colour after the other to prevent any confusion.

Besides, avoid resting on the surface of the canvas. If you touch the surface too much, it becomes less tacky and the diamonds will not hold in place.

5. Keep The Diamonds In Place

Once you are done putting in all the diamonds, return the cover you peeled earlier.

Then use a rolling pin or a can to roll on the surface. This helps stick any diamonds that may have been loose.

You may also place a bundle of books on top and let it stay overnight to help stick the diamonds in place.

The following day, remove the plastic cover to reveal the work of art. You can put a frame around the work and display it on the wall.

That’s How Panting With Diamonds Works

You can ‘paint’ different items onto the canvas. It is a relaxing and incredibly satisfying task to do. Try it today with the steps above.