How to Build A DIY Toddler House Bed

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Making a house bed frame for the kids was a step higher than the usual crafting. You have to channel the inner child to complete this project successfully.

Kids love a house bed, probably because it looks like a playhouse. You will save a dollar or two making the bed frame rather than buying.

I can’t be the only one who looks at pictures online and feel like I can recreate the same with hardly any budget. This is a simple guide on making your toddler a nice house bed.

Step 1: Gather the House Bed Pieces

It goes without saying that the first thing you need to do is gather all the required tools and the house bed frame pieces. Ensure you have enough lumber to complete the project.

If you are cutting the pieces yourself, ensure you polish every piece so that the bed looks beautiful and finished. You can use sandpaper to smooth the rough edges on your lumber.

At this point, you should have a picture of what the house bed is going to look like. That is the only way to know how many pieces you need for the project.

I would advise you to label all the pieces; it fastens things and makes the actual building a breeze. I have seen a lot of house bed designs, but I still think the ones with bedside panels are the best.

They prevent rollouts and make the bed feel like an actual house. If you want bedside panels, you would need to assemble more lumber.

Step 2: Assemble the Side Frames

Now that you have all your pieces nicely cut and polished, it’s time to assemble the side frames of the house. Using clamps to attach all the pieces is way easier.

It will be hard, especially if you are working alone, to screw things together and ensure you get the angles correct. Working with a clear picture in mind helps a lot.

Trim your corner posts to a specific angle to make the roofline. Attach the roof using pocket holes and screws, and don’t forget to add the roofline.

Once you have finished making both sides of the house, use wood filler to fill visible pocket holes. You can sand the areas again after the wood filler dries.

You should install the side panels before attaching the house pieces to the bed. But if you are not making a house with side panels, move to the next step.

Step 3: Attach the House-Shaped Pieces to the Bed Frame

Remember, I am working with a wooden bed frame. If you have a wooden bed for the kids, you can simply attach the house pieces to the bed.

It’s a different case when you make everything from scratch, including the bed itself. You would probably have to make house bed mattress slats.

They support the mattress and ensure it’s not just a funhouse but a functional place for the kids to sleep. I was lucky enough to have a sturdy wooden bed to attach the house-shaped pieces.

Attaching the house to the bed frame is a two-person job. Get someone to help you carry the pieces and hold them steadily while attaching them.

Double up on screws to ensure the house is securely attached to the bed frame. You must be sure of what you have built to avoid accidents.

The house shouldn’t threaten to crumble or crush because it can hurt the kids. That is why you need enough screws and someone strong to hold the pieces together while you make the bed.

If there are add-ons you want, you can do them after the assembly is done. Some people add a chimney to make it look like an actual house, but it’s unnecessary.

Attaching the house to the bed frame will be fast and easy when you have help.

Step 4: Finishing

Once you are done, do some finishing touches to make it look beautiful. This is where you decide if you are painting the house bed.

Some people prefer the rustic look of natural lumber. If you are going for the same thing, your job will be done at this point.

But if you attached the house to a bed frame, you will probably need to paint it to match the color of the bed.

Add the mattress and other bed accessories when the paint dries and show off your creation to the kids.


Follow these steps for a simple, beautiful, and sturdy toddler house bed.

Step 1: gather the house bed pieces

Step 2: assemble the side frames

Step 3: attach the house-shaped pieces to the bed frame

Step 4: finishing