How To Clean Farmhouse Sink

Are you having problems cleaning your farmhouse sink? If so, this article is for you.

To many individuals cleaning a farmhouse is a walk in the park.

They think it’s a process of taking the ordinary cleaning detergent and getting the job done.

This is not the case, as, in a farmhouse sink, you will get two types of dirt to deal with—the simple and the complex dirt.

With all these said, it is recommended you take the required cleaning procedures for the sake of your sink’s protection.

You can use trusted stain removal practices.

In this article, you will read about several tips on how to clean a farmhouse sink.

If you use one or even a combination of these tips, you will get your sink clean and back in shape.

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Ways of cleaning a farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sink varies as they are made from different materials.

Some of the common materials used in the making of the sink are:

· Porcelain

· Stainless steel

· Fireclay

· Copper

Sinks comprise of two types, the modern one and the traditional one. The two have a feature that sets them apart.

Traditional ones have a deep depression when compared to the contemporary sink.

They are deep to accumulate more water as they were made during the days where there was a scarcity of running water.

Let’s take a closer look at the various steps and tips of cleaning a farmhouse sink.

1. Cleaning with chlorine bleaching detergent

When using this bleaching agent, kindly be careful; know the material your sink is made of.

Despite being used to whiten the sinks; chlorine is well known to be harsh on metal surfaces; it causes corrosion.

To suppress its action, you can dilute it with water and then apply it to your sink.

Don’t rinse it immediately; give it some minutes, and then you can wash it away.

2. Using a baking soda

With baking soda, all you can do is take approximately five liters of warm water.

Mix the baking soda with a small amount of ammonia. Use a regular cup to measure, and each should be a quarter of the cup.

Pour your mixture into the warm water.

Take a brush that is non-scratch and deep it in your combination for some minutes, then start cleaning the sink.

3. Cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is vital especial when it comes to cleaning up the lime scale stuck on your farmhouse sink.

In other forms, it can be used as a disinfectant when it comes to the eradication of germs at the sink zone.

All you have to do is to take the vinegar to pour it on the sink. Using a soft sponge, scrub every corner of the sink until you contend that the lime scale has been removed.

After cleansing, you can rinse the sink with clean tap water, and you will be good to go.

As stated in the introduction, we have two types of dirt found on the sink: simple and complex.

The above cleaning tips can only apply to the superficial dirt that may be found on the sink.

So what will you do if you encounter the tough dirt and stains on your farmhouse sink? Here is what you need to do.

4. Try the use of an oxygenated bleaching agent

One of the most effective ways to handle the tough stains on your sink is using the oxygenated bleaching agent.

Unlike chlorine, this bleaching agent doesn’t cause corrosion on metal surfaces. Use this simple procedure:

· Immerse a maximum of three rags in the oxygen bleach.

· Take those rags and put them in the areas of the sink where it has the stains.

· Leave the rags for a maximum of twenty minutes.

· Take out the rags and do the scrubbing to eradicate the stains.

· You can re-do this procedure until you cover every part of the sink.

5. Clean with a liquid dishwasher soap

Approximately 90% of the dirt and stain found in the farmhouse sink come from dishwashing activities.

By the use of suitable liquid dishwashing detergent, you can get rid of those pesky stains.

All required is to pour the detergent into the areas with the stains. Give it some hours to react with the stains.

Then you can now use a sponge to clean it all.

That’s How You Clean A Farmhouse Sink

There is no stain or even dirt in your farmhouse sink that is hard to clean.

Just try the following tips, and you will achieve your desired clean sink.

· Cleaning with chlorine bleaching detergent.

· Using a baking soda.

· Cleaning with vinegar.

· Try the use of oxygenated bleaching agent.

· Clean with a liquid dishwasher soap.

When using the above tips, you must consider doing a thorough rinsing with clean water.

Then after wiping with a towel or any clothing material.

This should be done to increase the lifespan of your farmhouse sink.