How To Clean Upholstery With A Steam Cleaner

Recently, I’ve noticed that some of the fabric furnishings and upholstery in my home were beginning to look a little dingy and dull.

Rather than opt for buying a new sofa or set of chairs, instead as a frequent home DIY-er, I decided to clean the upholstery myself with a steam cleaner, with amazing results!

Here is a quick step-by-step guide as to how to clean upholstery with a stream cleaner.

Step One – Prepare Your Upholstery

Before getting stuck in with your steam cleaner, first you need to prepare your upholstery.

This can be done quickly and easily by giving it a fast vacuum clean.

This will help to remove any dust, household dirt, pet hairs and so on that may be caught in the surface material of the fabric.

It is really important to remember to clean in every crevice, behind cushioned seats and both sides of pillows too.

Step Two – Spot Treat Stains

Now that you have surface cleaned and prepared your upholstery properly, it is time to do your pre-treatment to target stains.

Spot cleaning stains prior to steam cleaning is essential to give the best good-as-new result once you have used your steam cleaner.

To do so, use a small amount of your specific cleaner on each stain and leave for a few minutes or as instructed so that it can really sink into the fabric and lift the stain.

Step Three – Prepare Your Steam Cleaner

Once you have pre-cleaned your upholstery to remove any surface debris and spot treated any obvious stains, now it is time to prepare your steam cleaner.

Instructions will vary depending on whichever steam cleaner you choose, but in general you will need to add water to the machine along with the appropriate upholstery cleaning liquid.

Always be sure not to overfill your steam cleaner, as this can cause too much steam and end up soaking your fabrics with excess water.

Also be sure that you are using the right brush attachment too, as this will give you the best end result.

Most steam cleaners have a variety of brush attachments to choose from, including a revolving or stationary brush.

Step Four – Cushions First

For the best result, always clean your cushions first. Spritz the surface with steam from the steam cleaner and then drag the machine downwards, which will suck back up all the dirt, grime and excess steam.

Step Five – Complete Your Steam Clean

As you have now cleaned the cushions and any removable seat pads, it is time to finish off your steam clean.

Work your way across the upholstery in sections, making sure to release a small amount of steam at a time.

Once the entire surface of the upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned, leave it to dry. This can take a little time, so try opening a window to speed up the process.

How to Clean Upholstery With A Steam Cleaner

Cleaning upholstery with a steam cleaner is a fast and simple way to breathe new life into old fabric furnishings (or you can clean upholstery with dry cleaning solvent).

Always remember to read all machine instructions carefully and to work your way across the surface bit-by-bit to achieve the best sparkling results.