How to Cut Upholstery Foam

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Are you planning to buy foam sheets for the first time? Is your worry how you will cut your upholstery foam to fit your need?

Then this guide is for you. I recently made an upholstered stool for my living room, and cutting the upholstery foam (see the best tools for it here) was a challenge I had not foreseen.

I had to google how to cut my foam perfectly using common household tools.

I found many useful procedures worth sharing that helped me realize that cutting upholstery foam is pretty easy when you have the know-how and the ideal tools.

In this guide, I am going to teach you;
• What you need when cutting your upholstery form at home
• How to cut upholstery foam at home

What you need for the task

Before I take you through the procedure of cutting upholstery form, you must collect the right supplies for the task ahead.

First, you will need to order the ideal measurement of upholstery foam sheets in your local store.

During the procedure, you will need to measure, mark, and cut.

That is why having a tape measure, mark pen, long straight level, and a serrated knife next to your working table is paramount.

How to cut upholstery foam

Before you start cutting your upholstery foam, ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials at hand.

The following three steps will guide you on how to cut your upholstery foam at home.

Step 1: Place your foam on a worktable

First, start by identifying a large flat surface in your house to work your foam on.

For instance, I would prefer working my foam on top of my dining table, while some people would rather choose the floor of their house.

Whatever your choice is, ensure you don’t cut or scratch the top of your working surface by covering it with a piece of wood.

Lastly, place your foam on the top.

Step 2: Measure and mark your foam.

Then, use your measuring tape and marker to draw a guideline for your cut on the upholstery foam.

Start by measuring your foam and make dots using your marker to mark your dimension.

With the help of your long straight level, use the black marker to draw your cut line that connects your dots.

Step 3: Cut your foam

Line up your serrated knife, and using your level as a guide, score a long, shallow line with a depth of ¼ inch.

Ensure you cut around the perimeter of your line before you remove the level.

Then, push on the form using your finger and follow the line to cut deeper.

However, stop cutting when you attain a depth of ½-inch of penetrating through your foam.

Nonetheless, ensure you cut the remaining lines using a single stroke to finish your work.

It is good to note that your knife should follow one particular direction during cutting because sawing back and forth will unevenly tear your foam.

That’s How To Cut Upholstery Foam

Cutting upholstery foam is an easy task that you can do it yourself. Always ensure you start by cutting your form from the outside edge.

Besides, pass your knife slowly when cutting through your form to maintain control of your procedure and don’t saw it back and forth.

Also, during the process, don’t force your knife through the foam to avoid uneven cuts.