How To Fix A Hole In A Porcelain Sink (Step by Step Guide)

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The coronavirus pandemic has many people work from home. This stay home period is definitely the time to try new ideas and cool tricks.

You can easily transform your home to look like a million bucks without spending much.

I have a soft spot for interior décor and repairs. It gives me chance to craft my space to my taste.

Besides, this time I’m spending indoors got me eager to try easy projects to spruce my home.

A leaky sink is annoying and if you have children at home then you don’t want bathroom accidents.

Maybe, don’t contact the repair man this weekend for that troubling sink.

Why not try to repair it yourself? With a few tools, voila you are good to go. You will save on costs and probably gain a lifetime skill.

Here is my guide and tips on what to do.

Tips on how to repair a hole in your porcelain sink

With everyone at home, sinks are in constant use and that means they can wear out. A hole in the sink exposes the metal pipe to water which in turn rusts.

A leaking metal pipe can be daunting and the sooner you repair the sink the better.

However, you don’t have to replace the whole sink. Try out this easy budget repair tips;

1. Clean the sink

After a long period of use, sinks accumulate grime and dirt.

Ensure you remove all the debris. Use a household cleaner and sponge to scrub the surface then rinse with water. Dry the sink with a towel and let it air dry.

2. Sand the hole area

Lightly sand the hole to roughen up the edges. You can use fine sandpaper with a 400 grit. Remember, this is to ensure the filler adheres to this hole.

Be careful not to scratch other sink surfaces. Wipe off the porcelain pieces inside the hole.

3. Apply the filler

I prefer the epoxy repair kit that comes in different colours.

Porcelain is smooth and glossy, you need to maintain that without causing harm to the porcelain finish. Therefore, the porcelain filler is the most important component.

You can buy it at your local store after making inquiries on the best product.

Furthermore, Go for the one that matches your sink colour.

Have your work gloves on so that your hands don’t get in contact with the chemicals. Mix the repair compound as per the instructions given.

You can include the alkyd paint if you don’t find your sink filler colour match.

Apply the filler into the hole using an edged brush or a razor blade. This is to even the compound layer with the surrounding surface.

4. Apply paint

After the filler dries up as per the manufacturer’s instructions, you can apply touch up paint. Go for the colour of your choice to give it a sleek finish.

Porcelain touch up paint should be waterproof and give a tight seal once it dries up. That’s it, your sink is perfect.

Congrats, Your Porcelain Sink Is Repaired

This project is so easy to do it yourself and the best part, you can budget. The equipment are available. Get a sandpaper, porcelain filler kit and porcelain touch up paint from your local store.

Clean the sink, sand the surface, rinse it, dry it up then apply the filler. Remember to give it time to completely dry up before use.

Don’t be scared where to start, you can always do it yourself. Start with small projects, mess up and try again. DIY is about mistakes and fixing.