How to Get Better at Drawing (7 Ways)

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People who have seen me draw always remark positively and wish they could do better. Art plays an essential role in my life, and that is why I love doing it.

When I draw, I relax and internalise the piece, hence leading a stress-free life.

However, I recently faced a small challenge that I saw fit to share with other art lovers.

As much as I saw my art as perfect, I am not yet there.

Therefore, I used some of the best and simple steps to improve my drawing.

Many people don’t see art as important as it should be.

This is because they don’t know and understand the observational and technical insight that comes from drawing.

Drawing is a slow process. When drawing, you take enough time to analyse and reproduce something.

You are much aware of the proportion, colour, and form of the art when drawing. To become a better artist, I discovered some important things you need to do, and I have listed them below.

1) Draw something and repeat it

Practice will lead to improvement.

You will not get better at drawing unless you involve yourself in several attempts. The more you engage yourself in drawing, the more you gain confidence to become a better artist.

2) Look at drawings

You can learn a lot just by looking at other people’s drawings regardless of the art piece.

Different people have different ideas and designs of drawing, giving you insight into how to get better at drawing. Learn how they use shapes, lines, and shades.

3) Draw from drawings

This technique can sound peculiar, but you can learn tons of things by copying the drawing of great artists like Da Vinci. Learn by copying the masters. They won’t mind.

4) Drawing from photos

Many people find it easy to reproduce a 2-dimensional image than an actual person, environment, or object. You should teach yourself to work from photos.

You need to be keen on edges, angles, and shapes to create a perfect double photo.

Don’t trace but instead draw.

Remember that many photos contain scale, distorted shapes, and proportions. Make the photograph your reference to pursue an accurate proportion of the drawing art.

5) Draw from life

If you are a beginner in art drawing, start with simple objects and work your way to complex ones.

You can start by drawing your pet, people, and furniture in the living room. Are you a coffee fan? Draw your coffee cup.

Something as simple as you drawing your hand can significantly impact your overall drawing skills.

You will handle simple life forms and anatomy; I am sure you can handle complex objects.

6) You can take classes

Attending art drawing classes will keep you occupied and accountable. A teacher will correct any drawing mistakes; hence you correct to attain perfection.

There are many classes, especially online, where you can engage one-on-one with a tutor. You can visit your local art store, where local artists post their work and meet-up notices.

7) Be intentional

This is not an easy step to take, but you need to be ready to do it if you want to be better at anything.

You should even set time aside for art drawing at least twice a week or few hours every day.

To become a better artist or get better art drawings, you need to practice habitual.

Therefore, you will need to draw from life, be intentional, take classes, draw from photos and other drawings, looking at other people’s drawings and repeat what you’ve drawn will always make you a better artist.

Also, I think it is vital for you to know why you want to draw and why you need to be perfect.

For me, drawing is part of my life, and it offers relaxation and pleasure. I realised that I get attached and love it even more when I draw someone or something.

Therefore, you need to figure out on your own why you like drawing to improve your skills.