How To Glue A Puzzle

As a parent to beautiful kids, I always get requests for a lot of different things. Mom, do this! Mom, do that!

Although it can be tiresome sometimes, I can’t complain – it is one of the beauties of being a parent.

One of the latest requests from my son was gluing a completed puzzle.

Until I got the request, I never realised that a completed puzzle could be an outstanding piece of art that you can glue and hang on your house as part of décor!

However, gluing the puzzle together was not an easy job.

This post will discuss how to glue a puzzle that you can frame and hang in your home alongside paintings or family portraits.

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What you will need to complete the project;

  • Puzzle glue
  • Paintbrush/sponge
  • Wax paper

1. Clean Your Workspace and Lay Down the Wax Paper

Before you start gluing your puzzle, it is important to create a level and clear space for your work.

A wax or parchment paper is essential to prevent the puzzle pieces from sticking onto the work surface.

Regardless of how careful you apply glue, it can still seep between the puzzle pieces, causing a mess that can be challenging to get rid of.

Ensure your wax paper extends well beyond the edges of your completed puzzle.

2. Place Your Puzzle on the Wax Paper

It can be challenging to transfer the puzzle from the board to the wax paper without dismantling the pieces.

However, you carefully slide a thin piece of card under the puzzle or, if it is possible, slide the wax paper underneath the puzzle so you won’t have to move it.

Whichever method you decide to use, ensure your puzzle faces picture-side up and the puzzle pieces are still correctly positioned.

3: Apply Glue

Once you have completed the preparations above, it is time to apply the glue.

Applying glue over the puzzle should not be a challenge, provided you start from the centre and work your way towards the edges.

It is crucial to ensure you spread the glue evenly; for that reason, ensure you start with small amounts.

You can increase the amount gradually if it is necessary.

You can start applying glue from any point on the puzzle.

However, it is a good idea to start from the centre, to ensure you achieve evenness.

While working your way towards the the edges, spread glue over the puzzle using a paintbrush or a sponge.

Once you complete spreading, remove any excess glue from the puzzle and let it dry for several hours or overnight, depending on the brand of glue you used.

4. Flip the Puzzle and Glue the Back

Gluing the puzzle from the back may not be necessary, but you can do it for added stability.

Gently flip the puzzle using a stiff card and peel off the wax paper to reveal spaces between the puzzle pieces.

Apply glue and follow the same procedures as above.

Allow the puzzle to dry off properly before you can mount it on the wall.

How Do You Glue A Puzzle?

You can glue a puzzle in just 4 steps…

  1. Clean your workspace and lay down wax paper.
  2. Place puzzle on wax paper.
  3. Apply Glue
  4. Flip the puzzle and glue back.

Gluing a puzzle should not be a difficult job, provided you have the right tools and glue.

Ensure you have a well-prepped working surface before you can start applying the glue.

Allow the glue on the front to dry off before you can flip the puzzle and glue the back.