How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet

It is common for most people to have the urge to live in a space that fits the need of their liking.

The colour and space fitting matters a lot.

It gives someone a headache when you go somewhere and try to fit it in your own design.

Painting baseboards with carpet in place can be a hectic move.

In this article, you will get to know the step by step procedure on how you can paint baseboards with carpets

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A step by step guideline on painting baseboards with carpet

Painting baseboards can be an easy task if you have a steady hand and willingness to change the house appearance.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or you have been doing it for quite sometime.

There is always a much easier way to make things done.

Here goes one of the ways.

1.Preparation of the whole room

Before you start painting, you need to make sure that the region you want to paint is covered.

It can be pieces of clothes or card-boards.

You can do the placement all around the room to prevent the spilling of paint and dust.

It is always annoying to do your job to realise that you have messed up after finishing.

Remember that if you are working in a larger room and you have a smaller drop cloth, you can move it around as you do the painting.

Make sure that the previous part has no spillage.

2.Masking the bottom part of the floor

A masking tape provides more protection on the floor as it helps regulate well the process also, you will have an easy time with the drop cloth in that it would not be moving all the time.

Make sure that you line up the end of your tape with the corner of the room.

As you do this, ensure that you line up the tape with your hand to flatten it better.

3.Prepare the brush to be used

Sometimes when you want to paint with a brush that has been used previously, you will find that the brush has a hard-on and you have to make sure that you soak it before use.

On a much easier and preferable way is to buy a new brush to make the job more flawless.

4.Cleaning the baseboard using sand paper

In this process, you will ensure that the board is smooth to avoid cases of unnecessary work.

Smoothening the board will also have the added advantage of using lesser paint and it will be a faster process to go through with.

5.Adding coats of paint as you move on

It would not be enough if you only use one coat as the place will not look satisfying.

The additional coats will ensure that the paint has a shinning glow and it will last longer.

Painting Baseboards With Carpet

Now that the process is but short and quick, you will have an easy time making your place look appealing.

You do not have to call for assistance as you the whole workforce needed for the job to be done

. Good luck with your baseboard painting process.