How To Seal Diamond Painting

You need not worry on how about your diamond drills popping on your diamond paint.

When the drills pop out, your paint starts to fall apart slowly.

The concern you need to worry about is the period the beads will last intact and sparkling.

The best idea to ensure that your diamond painting is well preserved is by sealing it.

Sealing the diamond paint ensures that it lasts longer and can be passed to generation.

Below in this article, we will discuss how to seal diamond paintings and products you may use.

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Different Types of products for sealing diamond paintings

1. Paint-On or Brush-On Sealer

This product protects your diamond paintings like varnish.

The spaces between the diamond drills

are filled by the brush-on sealer making to be in place for a long.

The product is I found in different consistency and finishes in the market.

Because warp around frames lacks a protective cover, it is the best to use on such diamond paintings.

• Waterproofing
• It acts as a glue that fills the tiny gaps
• It makes the diamond painting durable and sturdy.
• Dirt and dust resistant
• Enables easy cleaning of the diamond painting

• Your diamond becomes, and it is hard to roll it up or bend it.
• For it to harden and dry, it will take about overnight.

How to seal diamond painting with a brush- on sealer

Below are some steps to follow.

• Decide on the type of frame you need for your diamond painting place. For this kind of sealer, we use to wrap around frame.

• Ensure that your diamond paint (you can get custom diamond painting btw) is free from dust or dirt.

• On a flat surface, twig the edges of the diamond painting using tape.

• Ensure that your diamond drills are intact, not popping up, and have even patterns.

• Get the right amount from the brush on the sealer using a craft bush and avoid dripping.

• Apply the brush-on sealer on the diamond painting broadly and evenly.

• Please leave it to dry, although it may take longer.


. Spray Sealers

The spray sealer is for protecting the diamonds and not for keeping them secure.

Extra shiny, pearl shine finish, and plain are some of the different finishes that come along with spray sealers.

The tiny spaces between the diamond’s drills are not filled, and a layer that helps keep them intact to the canvas is not given.

• They prevent the discoloration of your diamonds.
• Easy to apply and dries quickly.
• Preserves your diamond’s sparkle as time goes on.
• Protects and waterproofs your diamond painting from stains.
• The paint can be rolled and bent.

• The diamonds beads or drills are not secure in the canvas.
• The diamonds may pop out after a while due to folding ability.

How To Use a Spray Sealer for Diamond Paintings?

Here are some steps to follow when using a spray sealer.

• On a flat surface, twig the edges of the diamond painting using tape.

• Ensure that your diamond drills are intact, not popping up, and have even patterns.

• Ensure that your diamond paint is free from dust or dirt.

• Spray the diamond painting evenly with the spray sealer

• Let it dry. It may take about an hour.

How Do You Seal Diamond Paintings?

To ensure that your diamond paintings are well kept and maintained, you need to use a sealing product.

Sealing the diamond painting also helps the paint to be seen by generation without getting damaged.