How To Take Apart A Soap Dispenser Pump (Step by Step Guide)

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I have a passion for all things DIY, and if you are reading this article, then it is quite likely that you do too!

Regardless of the size and scale of the project at hand, I will always roll up my sleeves and just make it happen – I simply love to fix all type of things around my home.

Part of my family’s health and hygiene relies upon using the soap dispenser which I have in my bathroom.

Especially if you have children at home, these items are very helpful to ensure everyone washes their hands – both frequently and efficiently.

However, sometimes soap dispensers do malfunction, and the whole unit will stop working.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had to perform this exact same disassemble process – to take apart my soap dispenser pump, clean all of the individual components, and reassemble them all back together.

After much research, I found a way to achieve this successfully – so I was motivated to write and share my findings with all of my readers.

So here we go – this article will explain in detail – and step by step as well – how you can effortlessly take apart your soap dispenser pump.

Step by Step Guide on How To Take Apart A Soap Dispenser Pump

It can be irritating to find out one day that your bathroom soap dispenser pump is just not working.

The most common reasons that cause this are that the internal metal spring has become damaged or broken, or a blockage has occurred within the plastic tubing inside the dispenser.

To find out the root cause of the problem, follow these simple four steps to take apart a soap dispenser pump – safely and quickly as well.

Step 1: First up, unscrew the pump portion of the dispenser.

Some dispensers will have a pump that will simply screw onto the receptacle, and others are fastened in place by a screw.

Step 2: Next, gently pull the nozzle out of – and away from – the dispenser container.

Be careful during this step, as the nozzle on some dispenser units is likely to be attached to the pumping head unit.

Step 3: Using a little bit of force, pull the ring off the top of the soap dispenser.

If the dispenser has been idle for a while, soap may have accumulated around the ring base.

You might need to hold the entire dispenser unit with one hand, and using a tea towel to cover your hand, this will keep the ring itself from slipping off as you work it loose.

Step 4: To free the middle dispenser section, keep pulling on it and slightly twist it until it comes free.

Now be very careful at this stage because there is likely to be a ball bearing situated at the bottom of the soap dispenser.

This ball bearing is crucial in making the whole dispensing device function properly, so whatever you do, do not lose it.

And there you have it; you now have all of the soap dispensing pump components separated so that they can be washed and cleaned. (You can also add a little bleach to your washing water, as this will help sanitise all of the individual pieces).

That’s How To Take Apart A Soap Dispenser Pump

Correctly taking apart your soap dispenser pump will enable quick repairs, and allow periodic cleaning and sanitising to occur.

The main takeaways are to be well prepared beforehand, take your time to do the job right, and be patient when disassembling and storing all of the soap dispenser pump components as you proceed along the process.

And finally, I wish you all the best of luck with this job and all of your future DIY projects.