How to Match Countertop with Backsplash

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When it comes to kitchen renovation, there are many trending designs that one can choose from. When choosing the designs, a critical decision has to be made.

For example, the scenario of making your kitchen countertops correspond to the backsplash. Ordinary stone countertops are the commonly used surface in many kitchens.

This doesn’t rule out the use of backsplash. Have you been thinking of various ideas on the backsplash?

In this article, you will read various information that will assist you in matching the countertop with the backsplash.

1. Go for a long-lasting countertop before the backsplash

It is easy for you to be wrapped when it comes to the design decision-making process. Well, the small specifics should not hinder you.

Countertops are liable to the impacts of the activities in your kitchen. That is why it is very crucial to choose the countertops that can last long before you think of going for a backsplash.

During the purchasing period of the stone slab, you should not do things in a hurry. Take your time and keenly identify the possible advantages and disadvantages of the materials you will use.

If you desire a more complex backsplash, you should go for a sleek and small countertop design.

I know you desire a long-lasting countertop; having a quartz surface will meet your desires. With quartz, your countertop will require fewer maintenance practices.

On the other hand, if you are not sure of your backsplash, it will be best to go for something much bolder. For example, you can make marble or even granite.

At this point, now you are free to choose a less complex white backsplash or glass tiles. This will bring out the certainty that it will not do away from your countertops.

You are also free to change perception as most of the countertop fitting takes place right before the furnishing of your backsplash.

2. Stick to a color arrangement

After you are through with the process of identifying your best durable countertop materials, you can now switch your attention to the purchase of a suitable backsplash.

It is important to consider a surface that has a similar color arrangement to your countertop in the process.

In the kitchen, either the backsplash or the countertop is considered a starter of every dialogue. This means that the two always get the eye’s attention very fast.

Are you an individual who loves to live in neutrals? Then choosing white subways tiles that are not complex can work for your kitchen.

The advantage of the subway is that it can match several kitchen cabinets. With this, you are sure of safeguarding future buyers’ interests.

Some materials possess bold colors; an example is the ceramic and mosaic tiles. These backsplash glasses are the main concern in the kitchen. That is why it will be best to contain neutral-toned or white countertops.

Avoid that one stuff that has plenty of patterns and speckles because granite cannot match up with these bolder design options.

Choosing the same material and matching them to your countertops and backsplash will enable you to have things elegantly.

This doesn’t just simplify the designing process, but it also leads to the ideal furnishing of a suitable modern kitchen.

Not everything will come up to excellence, but ensure your kitchen countertops and backsplash counterbalance each other well.

Whether warm or cold color palettes, please choose one and stick by it.

3. Locate your focal point

When carrying out the kitchen designing activity, you must locate the focal point of your kitchen. Focal point varies differently for individuals.

You will get others’ focal point to be an ordinary butcher block island, whereas it can be a glass or white cabinet to others.

Whichever focal point you will take, they all tend to fully attract the viewer’s eye immediately they step into the kitchen.

Having a beautiful kitchen backsplash and a long-lasting countertop is very vital. That is why it is best if you don’t send a strong effect to the eye.

Suppose the construction of your kitchen is going to take place around the breathtaking stove or even at the statement island. Ensure that you have materials that match the artistic of your focal point.

If your focal point is in another form, like dark or vibrant, you will have to come up with countertops and backsplash that will merge into the background.


Before you start thinking about the various designs that you want to come up with, it is important to select the most suitable countertop for the task.

After considering that, you will be in a position to match up the backsplash material and arrangement. With this, your work out well with your space. Just follow these tips.

  • Go for a long-lasting countertop before the backsplash
  • Stick to a color arrangement
  • Locate your focal point