Mdf Vs Hdf: What’s The Difference And What Is Better?

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During my encounter with them when doing my DIY work, I faced the problem of differentiating which fiberboard is better than the other.

Because of that reason, I had to check on their difference to understand the best one for my specific tasks.

Due to the density, MDF (medium density fiberwood) is less costly and thicker than HDF (High density fiberwood) which is tougher and thinner.

Because of that reason, there are structured differently and have different and unique uses.

What is MDF

The compactness of the wood is the reason it is called MDF. It is less compact than HDF but denser than plywood.

When choosing the best one, MDF is quite durable compared to the other many vigorous choices out there.

If you need to have a smooth surface and budget-friendly, you need to choose MDF.

Uses of MDF
• Building interior cabinets
• Creating showpiece
• Building furniture
• Used as a flooring material
• On the roof as a second layer
• Giving resistance to fire
• Used in speaker exteriors

What Is HDF

it is named HDF because it is denser than both MDF and plywood. Associating HDF to MDF, it is more vigorous and thinner.

The process of manufacturing HDF is similar to that of medium density fiberboard, although it uses plywood.

The company that produces it also uses binders and wax in the process.

Uses of HDF
• Skin for doors
• Background for framing paintings
• Floor laminating
• Furniture that is used regularly

Difference between MDF and HDF

Between MDF and HDF, some common differences are noticeable. Here are some of the differences.

• Thickness
The major variance between MDF and HDF is the density or thickness. When you compare MDF to HDF, it is less tough.

• Production element
The remainders of softwood and hardwood are used in the production of the MDF, while HDF is generated from wood fibers picked from pulpwood wastage.

• Price
Due to the building structure, MDF and HDF have different prices. MDF is less costly as compared to HDF because HDF is thinner and sturdier.

HDF is still a reasonable option even though it is expensive because it can be solid as normal wood.

• Durability
Depending on how you use the types of wood matter most, even though HDF is much durable than MDF.

The reason that makes HDF durable is that it is more strong and solider.

Depending on the condition of the surrounding, MDF is frailer than HDF. In an extremely moist climate, MDF suffers most.

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HDF vs MDF, Which is Better?

If you are making kitchen cabinets and doors, HDF is further appropriate to use.

This is because HDF is hard as ordinary wood in strength; hence MDF is less substantial.

In terms of water absorption, both HDF and MDF are not water vulnerable. MDF is more susceptible to water because it swells when it engrosses water compared to HDF which has more resistance to water absorption.

Both have water-resisting abilities than ordinary wood; hence if you need to choose a better resistance on water, they are the best.

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