6 Items of Furniture You’ll Find in Every Farmhouse

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A farmhouse is the main house located on a farm. It is a building located on agricultural land and designed for a particular purpose.

Furniture is one of the most significant features of a farmhouse. Farmhouse-style furniture should be practical in both form and function.

The best type of furniture you should have in a farmhouse is free-standing furniture rather than inbuilt furniture.

This is because you should not build a farmhouse to look like a building that will last for many years.

This will also help create space for your farmhouse. It is also easy to change its appearance or arrangement when the need arises.

Modern farmhouse style should bring out a feeling of warmth and comfort. It should have a classic homestead with a lot of vintage furnishings.

The classic farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable furniture. Comfortable and relaxed farmhouse furniture should have dull paint, light colors, and raw pieces of woodwork that can be added to the furniture.

You should expect natural materials, textures, and vintage accessories for modern farmhouse furniture.

The types of items of furniture you’ll find in every farmhouse are as follows;

Television Stands

A farmhouse television stand should have sliding barn doors to prevent the doors from banging and shaking the television and putting it at risk of falling off.

The sliding barn doors also prevent the vibrations of the whole television stand, which might destroy the television.

Behind these doors are shelves where you can store your entertainment consoles like DVDs and other clutter that might make the television stand to look untidy.

Dining Room Tables and Chairs

Coziness is the key to a modern farmhouse style. Therefore, you should expect to find very well-fit dining chairs and tables and a soft covering for the seats to provide comfort while sitting.

Consider upholstered farmhouse dining chairs made from solid rubberwood and have rounded backs to comfort while sitting.

Chairs can be found in different sets like two or four or even more, considering the number of people targeting to use them. They come in various fabrics and finishes like shabby chic style wood.

End Tables or Desks

They are L-shaped tables placed at the corner of a specific farmhouse room. It should be laid at a ninety degrees angle, stretching for at least sixty inches in both directions.

These tables provide ample space for you to perform your tasks. It is good when doing work on a laptop or computer or even writing hence most beneficial for office work.

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets can be built in different ways with different designs as long as each meets the user requirements. They can come in various sizes; therefore, they can be placed at any room corner.

They can be the appropriate solution for your farmhouse uses like storing and maintaining documents, files, tools, or machinery.

They also help you maintain your files and documents in an organized and tidy manner. They also help utilize storage space.

Sofa Tables

They are also called console tables. They come in various sizes and ranges according to their functions and are hence highly versatile.

They are primarily narrow or slender and long to fit perfectly in narrow spaces like hallways and entryways. They can also be used for any other intended purpose in your farmhouse.

You can use the console table to put a light stand and flower vases in your farmhouse. You can also find the one with drawers to store media equipment. You can also put it in the bedroom and place a mirror or framed art or pictures.

Swivel Chair

You should get this swivel chair for just an addition to the living room. It is a sleek, barrel-shaped chair, which is an excellent option. They are smooth and quiet with a slipcovered base, giving it a perfect farmhouse feel.

Some swivel chairs have a feature that can help them rotate, which can help the user reach different places around the work desk without having to get from their seat. This helps reduce the risk of having neck problems.


The main items of furniture in a farmhouse are;

  • Television stands- used for holding the television in a farmhouse, and their shelves should be made using sliding barn doors.
  • End tables are working tables found along the wall with an L-shape at the corner stretching towards each side of the wall.
  • Console tables are long and narrow tables mostly found along the entryways and used to place things.
  • Storage cabinets are used to store documents and files for the place to look organized and tidy.
  • Dining room table and chairs- The seats should have a soft cover to provide comfort while sitting.
  • The swivel chair can rotate; therefore, it’s easy to get to different places without having to stress your neck while reaching out for certain things.